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A Mom's Stance On 'Time-Outs' Has Sparked A Heated Debate

Every parent struggles with finding the right way to set up consequences for bad behavior and still be supportive of their child. I guess that's why they call it tough love, eh?

One mom's opinion on time-outs, one of the most popular discipline tools used by parents, has now sparked a heated debate about the best way to teach kids about their emotions.

Take a look at what people are saying about this post.

Temper tantrums happen to every child, and each parent has their own way of dealing with them.

A lot of parents choose to use time-outs as a form of discipline and to help their child calm down. Usually, time-outs involve isolating the child to sit quietly by themselves for a few minutes.

One mom's opinions on time-outs has gone viral after she posted a lengthy Facebook post outlining her issues with them.

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"Perhaps the reason teens isolate themselves when they're overwhelmed instead of coming to us with their problems, is because when they're toddlers we isolate them when they're overwhelmed instead of helping them with their problems," wrote Laura Muhl.

According to Laura, tactics like time-outs, train our children to hold in their emotions and handle them by themselves.

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She said that this may be why teenagers have a hard time coming to their parents for help or expressing their emotions when they're older.

Laura believes that parents should encourage communication with their child instead of leaving them alone to sort out their emotions.

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"Pretty soon meltdowns over crayons will turn into breakups, heartbreak, sex, or even depression. You want your child to know that you will always hear them, no matter how small," she said.

Laura's controversial post has been shared over 27,000 times on Facebook, with thousands of parents commenting.

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A lot of parents were supportive of Laura's stance and shared how they modified time-outs so their child didn't feel isolated.

People agreed that toddlers especially don't have a grasp of their emotions.

Facebook | Laura Muhl

Instead of punishing them for their emotions, these parents feel that talking through tantrums is a better method.

Many parents agreed that emotional control is a skill that needs to be taught.

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We're all trying to make sure our children know the best way to react, and want to do so in a loving way that also sets up boundaries.

However, some parents didn't agree with Laura at all.

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Some felt that bad behavior needs to have clear consequences and that removing the child from the situation is the best way to do that.

Others said that when used properly, time-outs can be very effective.

Facebook | Laura Muhl

I don't think Laura was saying to get rid of time-outs completely, but to make sure that you are not merely punishing your child for having emotions.

I agree that taking a breather can be good for the child and the parent before you dive into a discussion about emotions.

Take a look at Laura's full post.

I've never seen a stance on time-outs like this before and it certainly has made me rethink my opinion on them. What do you think?