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Lil Xan Might Be Married And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About It

If you're reading this right now and thinking to yourself, "who is Lil Xan?", just know that you're not alone.

Have no fear, we're here to explain everything.

Alright, so this is Lil Xan. He's 22-years-old.


He used to date Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah, way back in the day.

Ah, young love.

Noah and Xan split up, and it was announced that he and his new girlfriend, Annie, were expecting their first child.

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Based on Noah's very dramatic Instagra story, she was absolutely gutted by the news.

The drama continued after fans had a sneaking suspicion that the pregnancy was fake.

They were accused of taking ultrasound photos from Google and claiming them as their own.

Annie came out and said that she was definitely pregnant.

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And that we wouldn't be getting any more pregnancy updates because people can't mind their own business.

Look what you did, trolls. Now we don't even get to see Lil Xan on his journey to becoming a father.

This scandal apparently didn't break the two, because fans think that they are now married.

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At least, according to an Instagram comment anyway.

Annie had shared a photo of the two in Paris.

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Xan was quick to comment on the photo. "My beautiful wife, I love you," he wrote.

There was actually a lot of love for the two, if the rumors are to be believed.

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I mean, if they're already expecting a baby together then getting married isn't that wild, is it?

Then again, young stars these days love to call their boyfriends and girlfriends their "wife" or "husband", even if they're not married.

So are we making a big deal out of nothing? There's a good chance.

But if they did secretly tie the knot, well, you heard it here first people!