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Fans Are Urging Miley Cyrus To Remove A Photo Of Herself Sitting In A Joshua Tree

Miley has been dragged by fans many times over the course of her career for various things.

Like the time she posed topless for a photo when she was 15, the time she pole danced at the teen choice awards in 2009, the time she illegally lit up a joint on stage and smoked it in front of all her young impressionable fans, and the time she twerked on Robin Thicke — to name a few.

Now this.

She's just being Miley!

During the last few weeks, Miley has been doing a pretty solid job of being criticized by her fans over Instagram.

Not that that would be a difficult thing to do.

Fans did not hold back accusing her of cultural appropriation when she released teaser photos for her upcoming music video, just two weeks ago.

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They really let her have it — claiming she was, once again, trying to rip-off and profit off of black culture.

But Miley didn't let the haters get to her.

She has decided not to address the situation at all. Instead, she went about her business, unapologetically — business as usual.

And just when we thought she was out of the woods, she's managed to piss off her fans again, for something very unexpected.

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She hadn't even let the dust settle before adding insult to injury — hitting us with another controversy.

I'm not gonna lie, Miley's Instagram feed is looking fire right now.

It's clear the girl has been keeping busy with photo-shoots — spiffing up her Instagram aesthetic.

Don't worry, Miley, we've all noticed you serving us looks.

And while her profile looks amazing, a few detail-oriented fans noticed something problematic about a couple of her recent photos.

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To some, this may just look like a cute photo of Miley Cyrus hanging off a tree.

But there's a catch.

Comments started flooding in, scolding her for climbing and possibly damaging a rare and fragile tree.

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Joshua Tree National Park, in Southern California, is a protected area and sanctuary specifically for this type of tree.

They are extremely rare, delicate, and can be damaged quite easily.

Fans were outraged that she would risk damaging such a scarce piece of nature for the sake of a photo shoot.

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One user commented trying to educate Miley as well as the other commenters.

"They have a shallow root system and are also endangered. Climbing on them is illegal because it harms the root system," they wrote.

Another fan urged Miley to apologize for her actions and remove the photo.

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They added that Miley should also write a follow-up message about why it was wrong of her to climb the tree.

"'Woman up,' please!," they wrote.

This person pointed out that Miley's status as a role model is now in danger.

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"Do something right and take the pics down," they wrote. Adding that Joshua trees are sensitive, precious plants — not a toy.

Some fans called out Miley for dooming America's national parks by influencing her fans to illegally climb Joshua trees.

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"I love you, but get off the damn yucca," they wrote.

Another fan urged Miley to take down the photo.

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They explained that she is sending a terrible message to her fans — that it's okay to do this even though "it is illegal".

This person dropped some serious knowledge — explaining that the larger Joshua trees can be up to 500 years old.

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"Crazy to destroy something born in the 1500s just so some dummy can take a wholly inauthentic 'fashion' pic," they wrote.

On the other hand, some fans defended Miley.

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This person commented "So she can't even touch a tree now..." insinuating that the angry mob of fans are wildly overreacting.

I'm guessing that Miley will think twice next time she feels like climbing a tree.

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Do you think it was okay for Miley to climb the Joshua tree for a photo?