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Woman Saves All Of Her Amazon Boxes For Epic April Fools' Prank On Her Husband

Everyone appreciates a good prank.

Well, that's not true, exactly. Let me clarify: the pranker certainly appreciates a good prank, while the prankee hopefully has the good grace to laugh it off.

In this prank, a woman got one over on her husband in a hilarious way.

Amazon boxes: they're everywhere.

Amazon is fast, cheap and convenient, so it's little wonder that so many of us have a ton of these ubiquitous smiley-faced Amazon boxes lying all over the place.

What do you do with the boxes?

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Well, if you're a responsible person, you flatten them up and recycle them. If you're me, you just let them pile up for months on end. If you're Maureen Pritchard, you do something a little more creative.

Here's Maureen with her hubby Rob.

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Maureen decided to play a good-natured prank on Rob for April Fools' Day. This prank required planning. It also required months and months of accumulated Amazon boxes. It's pretty great.

Here's what Rob saw when he got home.

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Just a mountain of seemingly untouched Amazon boxes sitting on his doorstep. Seeing something like this in front of your house would be an attention-grabber. Like, did someone get a hold of your credit card or what?

Maureen filmed the whole thing.

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Shooting from the front window, Maureen managed to get both Rob's car and the mountain of Amazon boxes in the same frame. Right about now is probably when Rob is wondering "What...the...".

He took a long look at the boxes.

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Trying to make sense of it all after a long day, Rob just stared. I mean, what else is there to do? Sometimes it takes the brain awhile to process this stuff.


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Eventually Rob saw Maureen filming her, gave her the universal "what gives?" hand gesture and put a goofy smile on his face. It's too bad he found her out — I would've loved to see more of his reaction.

He didn't even engage with the boxes.

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Whether he thought it was a prank and the boxes were empty, or he thought Maureen just went nuts on Amazon, Rob shook his head and walked in through the garage.

He couldn't hide his smile.

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He didn't exactly crack up throughout the whole prank, but when he got inside, he wasn't able to keep the smile off his face. His wife had successfully pranked him, and he knew it.


Even though this prank required the foresight to save Amazon boxes, it was nice and simple in its execution. Its goal was to confuse and weird out Maureen's husband, and it succeeded on that front.

Here's Maureen's write-up.

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I guess I kind of just explained the whole thing, but here's what Maureen has to say about the whole thing. It can't have been easy accumulating that many boxes!

So, yeah. Anyone need boxes?

I mean, don't be shy. Maureen asked, and from the looks of things, she has a few dozen boxes to give away. They come in handy if you're moving stuff.

Well played, Maureen.

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Tell us about the best prank you've ever pulled (or, alternatively, the best prank you've ever been the victim of) in the comments section!

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