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Paramedic Receives Angry Note For Parking Job While Fighting To Save Girl's Life

We all have our own pet peeves that may not seem like a big deal to others, but make us — irrationally, at times — particularly angry. For some, it's loud chewers, for me, it's tech not working properly, and for others, it's the use of the term "pet peeves."

Whatever our big annoyance is, it can make us fly into rages we might otherwise not know we're capable of. And based on how many passive-aggressive notes I've seen in my time, one of the most common ones involves improper parking jobs.

But when something makes us irrationally angry, it helps for us to recognize that it's irrational. Otherwise, our tempers could flare at the worst possible time, as it did for British stranger.

Paramedic Chris James Nixon of Tynemouth, England has a sense of humor about what he does.

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For instance, late last year, he posted this photo with the caption, "Happy Christmas!!..Hold tight NHS Fam!....working today for the sprout chokers!. saving lives and breaking hearts."

But of course, this doesn't change the fact that he works one of the most stressful and emotionally taxing jobs around.

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Although that may seem obvious to most people, it's clear from one situation he encountered that some people apparently need a reminder of this.

Last Friday, Nixon found himself on a particularly serious emergency call.

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And since an ambulance is a big, cumbersome vehicle, getting it to a scene where it's sorely needed can sometimes take some creativity behind the wheel.

However, it seems that reality was lost on one resident who left this note after Nixon apparently parked his ambulance in the middle of the road.

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They said this left them unable to reach their house, and they also decided there was no need for it to be placed there.

Although they also called Nixon's behavior appealing, they probably meant "appalling."

Nixon didn't show exactly how his vehicle was parked and when he posted this note, the caption makes it very clear why he wasn't concerned about that at the time.

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In a now-deleted post, he said, "Whilst working hard to save a young girl's life in the back of the ambulance, received this from a fan who left it on our windscreen."

As you might imagine, Nixon's actual fans could only express their disappointment in whoever left this message.

As The Mirror reported, one named Sarah Coyne said it best when she wrote, "So if their relative was gravely ill, they'd expect you to drive around the block to look for a parking space, potentially park a distance away from the patient, and delay their emergency, life-saving treatment?"

For his part, Nixon reportedly didn't indulge in the pile-on.

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Instead, his responses were more about the urgency and difficulty of his job. Indeed, there's a reason we're always told that every second counts in an emergency.

He also let everyone know that the situation he was dealing with was serious enough that he had backup.

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As he wrote, "Was a bad trauma job as well. HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) was in the back with me."

You'd think all of those flashing lights and rushing medical professionals would've been a sign that they had bigger problems than a parking space.

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