Monopoly Dreams

A Real Life 'Fully Immersive' Version Of Monopoly Is Opening This Year

Oh, Monopoly. Love it or hate it, the game has been a staple of family game nights for decades.

Even non-gamers play Monopoly, and whether you stick to the script or follow house rules, it's unlikely that you've every actually finished a game.

Tables get flipped long before that becomes possible.

Personally, I'm in the camp that thinks it's kind of an awful game.

Besides tearing apart families, it's just poorly designed and takes forever to play.

Still, even I can't deny the nostalgia factor. Inevitably, I keep on playing it.

But even someone as jaded about the game as me can't help but be excited by this news.

Monopoly Dreams

Later this year, a real-life, interactive version of Monopoly is opening in Hong Kong!

It's being built at The Peak Galleria, which is a popular tourist destination.

It's so popular, in fact, that it's featured in the Hong Kong edition of the board game.

Monopoly Dreams

When designing the game, residents of the city were invited to vote on what properties would be included. The Peak gained the top spot, sitting where Boardwalk is on the original board.

Scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2019, there aren't any official pics yet.

Monopoly Dreams

Instead, Monopoly Dreams has released 3D renderings to show off the plans for the final product. And it looks pretty neat.

This is no knock-off either.

Monopoly Dreams

It's being built through an official licensing partnership with Hasbio Inc. and will feature items and locations directly from the game.

Besides visiting the Jail or Water Works, you can also visit Mr. Monopoly's secret residence.

Monopoly Dreams

There also appears to be a 4D movie theatre based off the railroads, but it's not clear yet what sorts of events will be featured.

And, of course, there's a bank.

Monopoly Dreams

It appears to include money-filled hurricane tunnels, which is pretty fun, especially if there are prizes for catching a certain amount of bills.

All-in-all, Monopoly Dreams looks like a whole lot of fun and I can't wait to see what the final product looks like.