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Disabled Duck Is Waddling Again Thanks To Specially Designed Wheelchair

Wheelchair technology for humans has come a long way, but we're also seeing more and more animals being given new chances at mobility with wheelchairs designed specifically for them.

Now, chair may not be the right word for these devices. They're more like slings with wheeled frames, but why argue about semantics when you can just enjoy the cuteness?

It's just so awesome to see happy animals enjoying new mobility.

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Most often, we see these devices being used by dogs and cats who are missing limbs or can't use them for some reason.

But occasionally, another animal gets a new ride too.

In this case, the recipient is a duck named Merlin.

Walkin' Pets

Merlin has a leg deformity that prevents him from waddling around so the folks at Goats of Anarchy decided to help him. Though famous as a sanctuary for special needs goats, they don't discriminate.

Merlin's best friend is a chicken named Opal, who used to be picked on by other chickens.

Walkin' Pets

At first, they tried a prosthetic to help Merlin walk, but later turned to Walkin' Pets for help.

The company makes wheelchairs and other support devices for dogs and thought that they could convert one of their models to work for a duck.

Look at that face!

Walkin' Pets

The body sling is longer and wider to properly support Merlin's frame, with extra open space at the back for his tail feathers. After a few tries, he was waddling around like a pro.

Merlin was the first duck to receive a wheelchair from Walkin' Pets, but he hasn't been the last.

Since sharing his story, the company has made wheelchairs for other disabled ducks around the country.

Check out the video of his first steps!

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