Here's What The Cast Of 'The Craft' Looks Over 20 Years Later

Brittany Rae
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Believe it or not, it's been over 20 years since The Craft first hit theatres. The 1996 supernatural horror film was a box office success and turned into something of a cult classic.

Now, the film is getting new life — with a female director! Before The Craft gets re-defined in pop culture history with its new cast, let's take a look back at the old one.

Breckin Meyer (Then)

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In 1996, Breckin Meyer was known for playing characters similar to his character in The Craft, Mitt Rogers.

From Clueless, to The Craft, to Escape from L.A., Breckin played the teenage stoner/goofball trope that defined the 90s.

Breckin Meyer Now

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These days, Breckin works successfully in television, as both a writer and an actor.

He starred in the cult hit, Franklin & Bash, before moving on to writing and doing voice work for Robot Chicken. He also created the series Men at Work, which ran for 2 seasons.

Christine Taylor (Then)

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Christine Taylor played the super racist bully, Laura Lizzie, who gets her just desserts when Rochelle casts a spell that causes her to get alopecia. In real life, Christine Taylor was fresh off of portraying Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie.

Christine Taylor (Now)

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Taylor moved from strength to strength after The Craft. She worked in films like The Wedding Singer and Zoolander, where she met her future husband, Ben Stiller. The two worked on 6 projects together before splitting in 2017.

Fairuza Balk (Then)


Fairuza Balk made up one of the main core four characters in The Craft. She played Nancy, who goes from hero to villain throughout the course of the film. Prior to The Craft, she had steadily worked in theatre and had minor roles in television.

Fairuza Balk (Now)

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After The Craft, Fairuza went on to play a number of similarly dark roles. She took on The Island of Dr Moreau, American History X, and Almost Famous. She most recently worked on the TV show Paradise City, and is also an artist.

Skeet Ulrich (Then)


Skeet Ulrich hit the teen scene in Weekend at Bernie's, then followed it up with roles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Boys. Skeet's character in The Craft, Chris Hooker, is the focus of Sarah's affections, and highkey kind of a jerk.

Skeet Ulrich (Now)

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After finding success in films like Scream and As Good As it Gets, Ulrich moved to TV.

He stars as FP Jones, father to Jughead Jones, in the CW's fantastically cheesy Riverdale.

Rachel True (Then)


Rachel True played Rochelle, an aspiring witch who uses her powers to get back at her high school bully. Prior to The Craft, she guest starred in shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Beverly Hills, 90210, and The Cosby Show.

Rachel True

Now, alongside acting, Rachel is a passionate activist. She has over 180,000 followers on social media, has a book on Tarot card reading coming out, and is a big believer in spreading the word about healthy living. She also starred in the series Half & Half, which ran for four years.

Robin Tunney (Then)

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Robin Tunney took on the role of Sarah in The Craft. The new kid in town, she befriends Rochelle, Nancy, and Bonnie, and joins their coven. Before The Craft, Robin Tunney experienced her breakout role in Empire Records.

Robin Tunney (Now)

Since The Craft, Robin has starred in shows like The Mentalist, (which ran for seven years), Prison Break, and most recently, The Fix on ABC and a movie called Horse Girl. She won a People's Choice Award for her role on The Mentalist.

Neve Campbell (Then)


Neve Campbell got her start in Canadian television. She went on to guest on shows like The Kids In The Hall, Are You Afraid of the Dark before landing a lead in Party of Five. She played Bonnie in The Craft, a shy witch who longs for beauty.

Neve Campbell (Now)

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Neve joined fellow The Craft alum, Skeet Ulrich, in Scream. From there, her career skyrocketed. She starred in 3 Scream sequels, took on numerous critically acclaimed roles, and landed a plum role on Netflix's House of Cards as LeAnne Harvey.

Overall, they all did pretty well for themselves.


People will continue to remember the amazing movie, and I'm pretty positive that every decade or so we'll get some kind of reunion.

And personally, I can't wait for that!