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After Gigi Hadid Insulted A Fan's Intelligence On Twitter, People Fired Back

It's very easy to tweet something in the heat of a moment without fully thinking it through — and this was one of those times for Gigi Hadid.

Gigi came for a fan after they posted a photo of her on Twitter, insinuating she looked bad in the photo, and now fans are dragging Gigi for overreacting.

For those of you that are a little foggy on who Gigi Hadid is, here's what you need to know:

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She is a very popular 23-year-old fashion model, and daughter of former model, Yolanda Hadid.

She also dated Zayn Malik for three years.

Their relationship was kinda a big deal. They were adorable AF, and she was in his music video for "Pillowtalk" which was a masterpiece.

You most likely recognize her to some extent. Her face is practically everywhere.

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She and her sister, Bella, have been taking over the industry, to say the least.

Anyways, here's the tea:

A fan posted a photo on Twitter of her cousin taking a photo with Gigi on the beach after a photoshoot.

People quickly started commenting on Gigi's appearance.

One person tweeted asking why Gigi looks the way she does, and the original tweeter replied saying: "I just don't know".

Hours later, Gigi commented on the photo — calling the fan out for being negative.

She explained that she was trying to be nice by taking the photo with the fan, even though she felt like she wasn't looking her best.

The person who posted the photo in the first place replied back to Gigi, defending herself.

She claimed that she never outright said anything bad about Gigi and that everyone else was "clowning".

She then told her to "calm down" — which probably just made things even worse.

Gigi replied back once more.

She explained that she is bummed out that this person turned such a sweet meet-and-greet with her family member into something so negative.

She then said that her negative tweets made her the ugly one.

The fan defended herself again, arguing that she didn't do anything wrong.

She explained that just because other people were saying negative things about her looks, doesn't mean Gigi should come directly for the person who posted the photo.

The majority of the fans who joined the thread didn't have Gigi's back on this one.

One person pointed out that she person Gigi was attacking did not do anything wrong "period".

This person thinks that Gigi could have simply handled the situation better.

Had Gigi laughed it off and told everyone that she wasn't looking her best, it may have turned the negative thread into a positive one.

But by Gigi getting defensive and hostile, it reflected badly on her.

Some think that Gigi was triggered by something innocent, and that she overreacted.

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They defended the fan, saying that "she didn't even say anything."

A few people did defend Gigi, however.

One person pointed out that Gigi has every right to be upset because she was trying to do something nice for a fan and now she is being discreetly made fun of for the way she looks.

This person thinks that no one should be saying anything negative about the way Gigi looks.

Ultimately, Gigi still looks stunning.

She may not look her very best, but she's still slaying even after 12 hours of shooting in the hot sun, wearing a wig.

Do you think Gigi had a right to come for the fan who posted the photo of her?

Or were her comments completely out of line?

Either way, it's clear that she was bothered by what people were saying — enough to speak up anyway. So maybe we should cut her some slack.