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Dairy Queen Has Released Dreamsicle-Dipped Cones And People Are Going Crazy

Amy Pilkington 29 Mar 2019

Winter finally seems to be over. The snow has all melted, the sun is finally out, and snowdrops are peaking out of the ground.

Besides meaning that I can finally stop wearing extra layers just to walk the dogs, it also means that it's time for spring-like treats!

Personally, I eat ice cream all year round, but for some reason Creamsicles feel like sunny weather treats.

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Maybe it's the mix of citrus and vanilla or just that the color just screams Spring/Summer. I can't imagine eating it in December.

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Dairy Queen seems to agree, because they're ringing in Spring with a new Dreamsicle-flavored dipped cone.

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Which... yes please!

Just look at that beautiful, bright orange cone.

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Since I'm ever curious, I looked up the difference between a Creamsicle and a Dreamsicle.

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Apparently, there isn't much of one, but since Creamsicle is trademarked by the Popsicle brand, most other companies use Dreamsicle to avoid lawsuits.

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DQ has been oddly cagey about the whole thing.

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There's no official announcement or press release and the only mention of the cone at all was in the Free Cone Day statement:

This offer includes the NEW DQ orange, creamy and crunchy dreamsicle dip, or try the DQ classic chocolate dip.

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Otherwise, you need to keep a close eye on the social media accounts of your local franchise.

Instagram | @cherryredxo

That seems to be where the announcements are happening.

It's hard to say if this is a limited offer or a brand new staple, but I'm sure going to see if my nearest DQ has them yet! Yum!

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