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This Science Grad Seriously Thinks The Earth Is Flat And Pics From Space Are CGI

Asking questions is not a bad thing. It's how we learn! And questioning the work that has come before us is also a good thing. The search for truth and knowledge is important, and hey, everybody makes mistakes. But by now, a lot of questions about some things should have been answered, the work checked and re-checked, and we should be able to trust that the matter is settled.

But no, we're in the 21st century, when free thinkers will trust YouTube personalities and memes more than textbooks and professors. If you need more evidence, look no further than Safvan Senor.

Safvan is a science grad who says that he believes the Earth is flat.

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So he's an educated guy, a native of India with a degree and on his way to a master's in international business at the University of Greenwich in Britain.

And yes, he seriously, honestly, whole-heartedly believes that the world we live on is flat.

The 23-year-old says he came around to the flat way of thinking when he was 18.

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In an interview with MyLondon, Safvan laid his beliefs out clearly, saying that "Water couldn't curl into a ball like that. Even with gravity it's impossible. I have done my research for a very long time."

He also pointed to what he saw as discrepancies in the curvature of the Earth to explain why he believes the world is flat.

He said that it shouldn't be possible to see the Chicago skyline from the other side of Lake Michigan because it's too distant.

"That's a really famous example in the flat Earth conspiracy," he said. It's all stuff he's studied on YouTube. "YouTube is the main thing," he said. "A lot of people are turning to flat Earth because of YouTube."

How does Safvan explain why things don't just fall off the edge of the world? Antarctica.

As in, the Antarctic Circle is a literal circle, a gigantic wall of ice that runs around the edge, holding all the seawater in. "Why do you think only researchers are allowed to go there?" he said.

However, when asked why no flat Earth folks have taken a boat to the edge of the world, he had no answer.

Safvan also believes that the "real" flat Earth is kept a secret by a cabal of politicians, scientists, astronauts (and NASA in general).

Yes, he's referring to the Illuminati and the Freemasons and such secret societies, who have arranged for the billions of dollars budgeted to NASA to instead end up in the pockets of the world's wealthiest people.

"John F. Kennedy, he used to talk about the Illuminati," Safvan said. "And Michael Jackson. In JFK's last speech he spoke about the 'people who control the world.'"

If you expect Safvan to say that the moon landings were faked as well, you're spot on.

"They can send Neil Armstrong in space in 1969. Why don't they send people to the Moon in 2019? Why don't they send astronauts to the Moon right now? The photos from space are CGI."

One of the more unexpected parts of Safvan's flat Earth theory involves Greenland.

"Greenland is too big," he says. "In all the maps you can see Greenland is bigger than the whole of Europe but in reality there's a conspiracy in that."

And he does have a point there. Greenland often appears massive on maps, but in reality Europe is almost five times the size of Greenland in area. The Mercator Projection maps we're used to seeing are indeed distorted — but they're distorted because the Earth is a sphere. So, score one for Safvan?

In the end, Safvan thinks that he's "lucky to have realized."

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"People think it's crazy you know, most other people mock us. They make us seem like fools or stupid. I don't care about such things," he said. "Normally after two or three conversations they start to understand."

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