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10+ Prom Dresses That Are The Definition Of Extra

Spring just arrived and you know what that means? Prom is on the horizon. And teenage girls are on the hunt for that perfectly stunning prom dress. So parents beware because things are about to get crazy.

Speaking of crazy, are you one of those people who absolutely must stand out no matter what the occasion? Well, you're definitely going to appreciate these knockout prom dresses then.

Here's a girl who really wants to look like rose gold royalty.

What do you think of this dress? Do you think it's a bit too much for prom?

This is a dress for any girl who's channeling her inner Rihanna.

Talk about having a lot of poof and glam on your prom day. Is this look your thing?

OMG, I had no idea people get this decked out to go to the prom.

These two put on quite the production. Feels like a lost episode of Empire.

When sparkle is what you want, the sparkle is what you get.

This dress surely doesn't disappoint in that department. And talk about sex appeal. That's one hot dress.

Talk about making a grand entrance in this dress.

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Wow, just look at that enormous train. And that blue hue is truly memorable. Can she outdo this on her wedding?

I love how these guys matched their outfits to the color of their car.

They sure have a lot of swagger. This is definitely a great #PromGoals example.

And here's another fly couple.

This is how you can perfectly match each other's outfits and look so stylish at the same time. They look ready for a good time.

Bold color can be such a statement piece and this dress is definitely it.

You will totally be remembered when you make an entrance in this stunning number.

And when glitter is your best friend this is clearly the dress for you.

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Who needs disco balls when you can light up the whole entire room with ]this gown](https://emw-fashions.com/products/sparkly-long-women-formal-ball-gown-sweetheart-rose-gold-arabic-style-dubai-evening-dress)?? Wowza!

Oh my, these two look like they really need a chaperone for their prom night.

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I hope it wasn't their parents who took this picture. That would be so awkward.

Wow, this is one fiery dress.

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With a dress like this, you're bound to stop traffic. On the other hand, it does remind me of a bag of Cheetos!

If this doesn't give you some inspiration for your prom night, I dunno what will.

Whether you take it easy or go all out just make sure to have fun!