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Canada's Government Is Hiring For Harry Potter-Style 'Wizardry Positions'

You don't have to have fun at your job every day, but it sure helps. But before you get the job, it's not always easy to see whether you're going to be working with fun people or be stuck in a gray office, where beige personalities are encouraged or not.

So, if you want to see a model of how to post a job that at least makes it sound fun, look no further than [checks notes] the Government of Canada?

Ever since a young fellow with round glasses and a lightning scar on his forehead appeared in pop culture, dreams of a future doing wizard-y things have been on children's minds.

A whole generation has grown up imagining what it would be like to get that letter from Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, that fantasy will have to stay fantasy. You can go to Universal Orlando and live your dream for a day, of course — or, maybe Canada has the next best option.

Canada is a magical place in its own way.

I mean, they've perfected one particularly potent potion made from maple tree sap, and beyond all sense and reason, they've managed to make living in the frozen tundra seem quaint and occasionally even fun. If that isn't magical, I don't know what is.

Now, Canada's government is looking to add a bit more magic — they've put out a job ad for "Various Administrative Wizardry Positions."

Government of Canada

Seriously. This is no joke. You can check out the job ad right here. Sober, polite Canadian bureaucratic staffers, hiring for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, wrote this up and posted it for the world to see.

And lest you think the "Wizardry Positions" wording is just a play on words, the job ad has Harry Potter references sprinkled throughout it.

Unsplash | Sarah Ehlers

"Are you a Gryffindor (brave, loyal, courageous and adventurous), a Ravenclaw (wise, creative, clever and knowledgeable), a Hufflepuff (hard working, dedicated, fair, patient) or a Slytherin (resourceful, ambitious, determined and crave leadership)?" the job ad asks.

Never fear, whichever house you associate yourself with, the Canadian government says it has a place for you.

"No matter what ‘house’ you belong to, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has various teams that we would love to use our ‘sorting hat’ to place you into," the ad reads.

"We are looking for strong and motivated candidates that are interested in making an impact on Canadian citizens. With our Talent Management Program, we will help you grow, learn and further develop your magical career within the Public Service."

I'm not sure who would call a career in the public service magical, but these Canadians sure have a high opinion of it.

Unsplash | Rhii Photography

The job ad goes on to call the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat "the 'Hogwarts' of the Public Service" and the AS-02 Inventory Team, who applicants contact, "Dumbledore's Army."

Of course, it's probably best to not get too excited over this job posting.

While it's definitely an interesting read, the job ad is light on details — you know, little things like what the TBS expects their wizards to do every day. Also, you have to be living in Canada or a Canadian living abroad to be eligible for the job.

But, if you do meet that criteria and decide to apply, you can be sure of at least one thing.

If nothing else, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat can't be completely staffed by boring stuffed shirts. They sound pretty fun, actually. So if you do accio that job, you'll be in good company!