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Guy Rents Creepy Cabin For Short Stay And Has Unexpectedly Chilling Experience

Tom Taylor, an Australian comic book writer who has worked on titles including Batman, Wolverine, and Star Wars, decided he wanted to spend a few days doing some "intensive writing," so to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, he booked himself an Airbnb.

Judging by his Twitter feed after he arrived at his Airbnb, he might have regretted his choice of venue: A creepy cabin in the woods.

Now, obviously the sorts of things the movies have associated with cabins in the woods are all made up.

Twitter | @TomTaylorMade

And Tom was well aware of that. But still, that didn't stop some weird things from happening. "I’ve been laughing to myself about just how cliched-horror-movie this cabin is," he wrote. "But at 5.30am, out of nowhere, despite it blowing a gale out there for hours, wind chimes start chiming for the first time from the porch."

So, naturally, Tom went out to investigate, because this isn't a horror movie where you don't leave the safety of the cabin for any reason.

And it's not he could just sleep through wind chimes. So of course the door blew shut behind him, and unknown Australian creatures started making noise in the bushes. "I manage to stand on my tippy toes and grab the rusted wind chimes from the rusted nail they're hanging on, and I hear the noise again."

After pausing to take a pic of the "murder cabin," he noticed another flash. "And it didn't come from my phone."

"And there's the sound again," he wrote. "But this time it's heavier. Like a footstep."

Light flashed again, and Tom pulled out his phone to see if he'd left the flashlight on, which he had. As he turned it off, light shone in his face again. "But then I realize I didn't shine my phone in my face. Something else flashed in my face, & my brain is yelling at me..."

Feeling stupid, Tom turned to find out what was making the noise in the bushes. "And, at 5.30am, in the dark, outside the murder cabin, SOMEONE IS STANDING THERE."

No surprise, Tom sensibly ran inside the cabin and slammed the door behind himself, kicking the wind chimes along the way.

But the sound of the wind chimes didn't stop, and animals running across the roof didn't help the night go by either. A door dramatically blew open, and the doorknob fell off. It was about as clichéd as you could ask for, but all quite real.

But Tom made it through his first night, only to wake up to pounding on the door.

"I'm instantly more awake than I've ever been before," he wrote. "I'm on my feet, but I don't remember getting out of bed."

It's a delivery man, for whom Tom was not about to consider opening the door. And, after convincing the guy to just leave the package on the porch, Tom was determined to just leave it there. "Why the hell would I open it? You think I'm going to bring it INSIDE?? No. It stays outside. With the wind chimes."

Reluctantly, he did decide to bring it in after all, however.

For the second night, Tom thought he'd set up shop in a room with a tiny TV set that gets no reception and yet has a tiny chair in front of it.

What could possibly go wrong? How about the package showing up in the chair?

Meanwhile, the animals outside continued stomping on the roof, and the wind chimes, which were now inside the house and not on the porch, were chiming again.

Tom relocated the package and the wind chimes to a dollhouse — of course the creepy cabin has a dollhouse, too — and tried to get down to some work.

That is, until some of his followers pointed out that he'd caught the ghostly image of a teddy bear in his pic of the wind chimes and package sitting on the dollhouse. "I didn't go outside and investigate the ghost bear from childhoods past," he told his followers. "Why don't YOU go out and investigate?!"

Also causing some serious distractions for a man just trying to work through a creepy night in the middle of nowhere was some determined wildlife.

Tom had to pause once again as some sort of animal tried to make its way down the cabin's chimney. In the video he posted to Twitter, you can also sort of make out the sound of the wind chimes in the background.

Tom survived the second night as well, but once again, someone was on the secluded cabin's porch.

He said he was there to fix the phone line. Tom was certain that the cabin didn't have a phone line. After the "repairman" fiddled around behind the TV that didn't work, he left and Tom got back to work. "The non-existent phone line wasn't fixed," he wrote.

The horrors of this cabin clearly aren't contained to the night time.

As Tom discovered most notably when he went outside, behind the cabin, and saw one of the swings on the swing set moving on its own. "Completely unrelated, this is probably just the wind, right? I wish the wind was blowing..."

Later that night, the wind chimes started chiming once again.

"It's the stillest night tonight since I've been here," he wrote. "But I can definitely hear the wind chimes again." Convinced that they were under the house, Tom went outside to get a look. Guys, the video below is easily the creepiest thing that happened.

Yeah, if you wouldn't have noped out of there too, you're braver than I am.

Tom was okay, although decidedly freaked out. But last we knew, he still had one more night to go at Australia's creepiest cabin. So who knows!