10+ Disney Princesses Reimagined As Edgy And Tattooed Heroines

Sure, lots of people have tattoos OF Disney princesses. But what would it look like the other way around?

What if Moana had tattoos like Maui, or Ariel was a little more punk? What would our faves look like with a little bit of ink on them?

Let's find out!

Tiana keeps it floral.

Society6 | Tim Shumate

Artist Tim Shumate re-imagined the Disney princesses as tattooed pin-ups.

Here, Tiana sports a gorgeous lotus tattoo, which is rendered in full color. I can actually see Tiana getting this tattoo, tbh.

Leia is the hipster hero we need.

Behance | Emmanuel Viola

Ah, the beauty of knowing that Leia is technically a Disney princess now warms my heart.

Artist Emmanuel Viola imagined Leia as a hipster, complete with cut-off denim shorts and dyed bangs.

Her tattoo, the symbol of the Rebel Alliance, is exactly would I would expect Leia to get.

Pocahontas honors Meeko.

Society6 | Tim Shumate

Here, Tim Shumate paid homage to Pocahontas' trusty raccoon, Meeko.

He also included a compass, which of course represents Pocahontas' love for exploration. He also incorporated her original tattoo in the drawing.

Belle is into pink

DeviantArt | Miss-Cherry-Martini

Belle's tattoos take on a pin-up edge here. Artist Miss Cherry Martini gave Belle some of her classic roses, as well as some familiar faces.

You can spot Mrs. Potts and Chip amongst her ink, as well as some floral pieces. Her cupcake and "LOVE" knuckle tattoos finish off the new, leather-clad Belle's look.

Moana as the village Chief.

DeviantArt | vellumed

Artist vellumed decided to imagine Moana in her future role as the village Chief of Montunui.

She combined design elements from the villagers, such as their tattoos, as well as the clothing preferences of their voyaging ancestors.

And thus, future Moana was born!

Jasmine and Rajah 4ever.

Society6 | Tim Shumate

Here, Tim Shumate imagined Jasmine with a full-back portrait of her tiger, Rajah.

She also sports some pink lotus flowers, which gives the whole thing some much needed color diversity to offset the overwhelming orange.

A softer Aurora.

Deviant Art | LornaKelleherArt

Aurora and Maleficent have a much calmer relationship in this render of the sleeping beauty by artist Lorna Kelleher.

Here, the two exist peacefully in a darker realm, where Aurora sports a highly detailed tattoo of pink and blue roses, with green leaves.

It looks like a sneaky tribute to her fairy godmothers, doesn't it?

Ariel's rebellious phase went well.


Under the sea, but make it punk. Ariel not only has tattoos now, she has some dermal piercings, and a nose ring.

Here's hoping her new jewelry can stand up to salt water!

Snow White is a rebel.

DeviantArt | HetteMaudit

Mic in hand, Snow White's 50's rebel aesthetic is all about music.

Artist Hette Maudit drew Snow as the lead singer of a band, complete with a tattoo of a heart right over her chest.

Pocahontas is more era-accurate.

DeviantArt | Minxy-Moo

For Pocahontas, artist Minxy-Moo decided to add in elements that would give her more authenticity for the time period.

Notably, she has facial tattoos, as well as more decorating her arms and chest.

Merida and her bow.

Society6 | Tim Shumate

Merida joins the party with her own Tim Shumate recreation.

It makes perfect sense that she should have Celtic tattoos, including a Celtic knot right over her chest.

Aurora owns her story.

DeviantArt | Miss-Cherry-Martini

Looks like Aurora is going through an almost goth phase, huh?

Her tattoos are styled like vines, mirrors, and even dragon tails. Miss Cherry Martini captured many iconic elements of Sleeping Beauty for Aurora's ink!

Cinderella goes glam.

Behance | Emmanuel Viola

Emmanuel Viola once again took on a hipster version of princess.

Cinderella has shining silver piercings to match her more glittery aesthetic. Her tattoos pay direct tribute to her story, with Gus-Gus, her glass slippers, and some helpful bird friends for her ink.

Mulan the great warrior.

DeviantArt | steevinlove

I feel like Mulan would definitely wear more clothes than this, but the tattoo sure is accurate!

Artist steevinlove drew Mulan with snaking dragon down the left side of her body, which looks gorgeous in red ink.

Belle reps the Beast.

Society6 | Tim Shumate

Sometimes, a girl just wants a full-color portrait of the animal form she met her man in, you know?

Tim Shumate finishes off our list with his version of Belle, who has the Beast, his rose, his name, and the moon tattooed across her arm and chest.