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Cardi B Ranted About How She Used To Drug And Rob Men And Fans Are Livid

Cardi B went live on Instagram this weekend and disclosed some pretty rattling information about her life before she became famous.

Let's just say, many of her fans may no longer be her fans because of it.

During her very candid Instagram live session, she told fans she wanted to write an autobiography.

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She knows that she's had a fairly interesting come-up, and thinks it's novel-worthy.

But things quickly took a controversial turn when Cardi began to talk about her days working as a stripper.

“I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to [expletive] me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’" she said.

"I drugged [expletive] up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do," Cardi continued.

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Since she uttered the words "I drugged [expletive] up and robbed them" fans have been absolutely losing it — and not in a good way.

The hashtag #SurvivingCardiB — named after the documentary, "Surviving R. Kelly", started circulating on Twitter.

Twitter users also compared Cardi to Bill Cosby, and said that if she were a man, she would be "canceled" for saying that she drugged and robbed someone.

Some think that Cardi B should be arrested for her wrongdoings.

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They added that no one should be defending her because she's a woman or because of any possible childhood traumas she may have dealt with.

This person pointed out that if a man came clean about the same crimes, people would "be going crazy".

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"The double standards are insane. Do men justice and lock her up," they added.

Today Cardi posted this lengthy explanation on Instagram.

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Cardi claims that although she isn't proud of what she did, she maintains that she did what she had to do to survive.

She also points out that often times in hip-hop culture, rappers will glorify crimes they may have committed — but that she doesn't because she knows that what she did wasn't right.

But fans are putting her on trial nonetheless.

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This person pointed out what penalties a person can face for the crimes cardi admitted to doing.

This Twitter user thinks that Cardi could be looking at doing some hard time in the slammer.

One user pointed out that just because you grow up poor, or "in the hood" doesn't mean you are forced to be a criminal.

They continued by saying that Cardi shouldn't use that as an excuse.

Some are saying that Cardi B is straight up canceled.

I'm guessing that this person is clearing out any Cardi B songs they may have had in their Spotify library as we speak — boycotting her indefinitely.

This person thinks that Cardi has definitely crossed the line this time, and that this offence is worth cancelling her entire career over.

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They went on to say that if a male artist admitted to drugging women and robbing them, they would immediately be arrested and labeled a predator.

Although, for the most part, not many people are speaking too highly of Cardi at the moment, she does still have some fans on her side defending her.

This person points out that Cardi shouldn't be being compared to R. Kelly — someone who is a convicted pedophile — and that everyone is simply overreacting.

This person thinks that everyone should just let Cardi B live her life.

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This is vague, but I'm guessing they just mean that the mistakes Cardi made in the past are in the past, and everyone should just let her keep doing what she's been doing.

"All I can do now is be a better me for myself my family and my future," Cardi wrote on Instagram.

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Thankfully Cardi has recognized her mistakes, publicly owned up to them, and is now focused on her family and her future.

So, is Cardi B really canceled?

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Do you think that this is going to be a career dealbreaker for her? Should she face legal consequences? Or is the whole thing being dramatized?