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'Elf On The Shelf' TV Shows And Movies Are Coming To Netflix

It's hard to remember what Christmas was like before Elf on a Shelf, amirite?!

Parents were forced to create all different kinds of unique ways to insist that Santa was watching their children's behaviour! For my parents, it was that Santa was watching us through the fire alarm!

Now, it's much easier to sell that narrative when you've got ELF ON THE SHELF!

Elf on the Shelf took the friggin world by storm. What began as a children's Christmas book blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon!

As the legend goes, Santa deploys his elves to watch over the children of the world to determine who's been naughty and who's been nice!

Now, the beloved book is turning into a TV series AND movies!

Netflix made the exciting announcement that they had obtained the rights to Christmas-themed story and fans couldn't be more excited!

According to Variety, the statement read: "We’re thrilled to share stories of our North Pole friends, bringing tales from the region where joy never ends! The Elf Pets, our pals, will join us, of course!"

"You’ll get brand-new stories, straight from the source! Our love for the world will be easy to see, you’ll soon hear us sing in Italian, Thai and Hindi. While we’re hard at work creating more stories and cheer, there’s two Elf Pets specials on Netflix this year!"

Will your little elves be looking forward to the new shows and movies?! Let us know in the comments below!