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People Are Sharing Pics Of The Creepy Discoveries They Made In Their Homes

Sometimes you wonder if buying an old home is really a good idea. Especially if the price is really low. Doesn't it make you wonder if there's a reason why the house is being sold in the first place? Perhaps something weird or creepy went on in there.

Here are some truly creepy stuff people found in their homes that will definitely make you wonder if the house is haunted or just plain ol' weird.

1. What The Voodoo Is Going On?

Reddit | chilloutcaffe

What would you think if you found this in the walls of a home you've been renovating? I hope this house isn't cursed.

2. It Does Exist!!!

Imgur | GeeWillickers

If you're familiar with the movie Beetlejuice you'll know that this book was featured as a guide to the recently deceased couple in the main plot.

3. Seeing Is Believing

Reddit | AceFloresX

Oh no, this looks like a scene from a movie. A horror movie. I would freak if I found this in my vacation home. Run now!

4. Message Received

Reddit | taymhaston

Speaking of scenes from a movie. How about this one? I don't think I could sleep in a room with this lovely and welcoming message. Could you?

5. Warning Sign


It's always lovely when you move into a new place only to discover something like this etched just above the bedroom door. Not creepy at all.

6. No Clowning Around


Am I the only one who's terrified of clowns? I think I would start packing my bags ASAP if I found this thing in my backyard.

7. What Lies Beneath

YouTube | Amazing Vids

How would you feel if you discovered a 145-year old coffin with a young girl buried under your house? I would never sleep again!

8. Mystery Inside

Reddit | Norgetti

What about a locked door that's underground and points away from the basement. What secrets can be hidden away inside? Would you open and look?

9. Childhood Nightmare


If this 20-year-old doll found in an attic doesn't give you nightmares, I dunno what will. This reminds me of those scary flesh-eating dolls in Barbarella.

10. Creepy Baby


It can be fascinating to find old photos of people who used to live in your house but this creepy baby picture is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

11. No Puppetry

Reddit | idlewildgirl

Oh, not another clown. Gimme a break here. I wouldn't be impressed if I found this crazy puppet in my attic. Get that thing away from me.

12. Attic Surprise

Reddit | jkmayne

Sometimes you can find real gems in the attic. On the other hand, you will really regret going there if you find something like this. Outta here!

13. Creepy Crawlies!

Reddit | Colombianthunder

A hidden bunker in a home with this inside. And they were not afraid to stick their hand to take a pic. Crikey! No thanks!

Okay, I'm officially creeped out.

How am I going to sleep after all that? Quick, I need to think of a way to knock myself out cold tonight. Ideas?