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Kylie Jenner Reveals The One Question People Always Asked Her During Her Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner rocked the world (okay, the internet) when she announced in 2018 that she had given birth to a baby girl, Stormi.

Though her pregnancy was long-rumored, gossip about Khloé Kardashian's own pregnancy (and Kim's surrogate) helped Kylie hide her own pretty efficiently, especially in this social media age.

Kylie is finally opening up about her experience during that time—and it turns out, people had some questions.

Flashback to September 2017

The internet lit up with rumors that Kylie, then only 20 years old, was pregnant with her first child.

The Kardashian clan as a whole didn't say a peep, which I think we all know is a little unusual for them.

The family went into damage control mode

I can't prove this, obviously, but it seems pretty clear that Kris' hand helped guide the news cycle away from Kylie.

With Kim's pregnancy via a surrogate already announced, rumors began circulating that Khloé was also pregnant. This was only 4 days after Kylie's rumors dropped.

The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder

Kylie was mysteriously absent from a number of normal Kardashian activities during the last quarter of 2017, which sent fans into hardcore detective mode.

Then came Khloé's reveal

Thanks to Khloé's post, the media decided to focus on her confirmed pregnancy, rather than Kylie's hypothetical one.

It didn't stop fans from speculating, but it definitely directed attention away from the youngest of the sisters.

One of these things is not like the others

In January 2018, careful observers noticed that Kylie was covered up in this promotional photo for Calvin Klein.

Her sisters all proudly rock crops and bras, but Kylie? Well, she was hiding her pregnancy.

Kylie put she and Stormi first

After finally revealing that she had indeed been pregnant alongside Khloé, Kylie posted a message to Instagram.

In it, she said that she kept the pregnancy to herself in order to keep her and Stormi as healthy and happy as possible.

However, not everyone believed she could do it

While chatting with Interview Magazine, Kylie said that she was asked one question over and over during her secret pregnancy:

"Are you ready for this?"

To which I anyone ever really ready?

Some thought Kylie was too young to take on motherhood

However, Kylie knew from the get-go that she wanted kids young. "[...] I always knew I wanted to be a young mother," she said.

It's hard to imagine becoming a mother at 20, but Kylie knew what she wanted.

Some things you just know

Kylie said, "[...] And I always knew I was ready, but you don’t know what that love and that feeling is like until after you have a child."

Sounds sure to me!

And Stormi has changed her life entirely

"She really comes before me, so that is a lot to take in at a young age. But I feel like I was definitely made for this, and she has changed my life for the better.

The way that I look at things is a lot more positive, and I really feel like my life didn’t start until I had her."

She also revealed that she wants more children

Unsurprisingly, Kylie is up for having more kids — just not right now.

"I do want more kids, but I do not have any plans in the near future to have children right now." She said.

Social media seems to want that, at least

When Kylie captioned this snap of she and Travis Scott, the internet blew up with rumors of a second pregnancy.

The comment section alone has 142,000+ comments. It's safe to say that baby #2 will be, uh, highly celebrated.

No matter what she decides, we'll always have these snaps of Stormi

Look how friggin' cute that kid is.

Kylie captioned the photo, "my baby is stuck to me like glue lately."

The world is crazy, so let's all look at cute pictures of babies

Whether she was ready for her or not, there's no denying that Stormi is gift.

I mean, if you're ever sad, just look at those chubby little legs! No one can be sad while looking at cute little baby rolls, okay? Thanks.

Head back to the start

If you missed the initial reveal of Kylie's pregnancy, or want to know more about her journey towards having Stormi, revisit this video she posted after announcing the birth of her daughter!