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People are Accusing Miley Cyrus Of Cultural Appropriation After Her Latest Post

Miley has gone through a number of style phases over the course of her career — from one extreme to another.

She went from being a young, innocent pop-star wearing a blonde wig and bedazzled jeans, to cutting off all her hair and twerking on Robin Thicke with a giant foam finger in her hand at the VMA's.

But nowadays it seems she's trying out a new look, and people aren't having it.

Miley recently gave us a teaser of her new music video, with a few photos of her chilling poolside.

It looks like it's going to be quite a contrast from the recent music, softer pop music she has released.

But some fans were angered by the photos, claiming that Miley is preying on black culture at her own convenience.

She is being accused of appropriating black culture by portraying, what looks to be, something in the realm of hip-hop music.

I guess the numerous gold chains are what set people off.

And given the fact that Miley has previously had a "rap" music phase in the past, fans have reason to believe she may be making her rap comeback based on these photos.

After Miley's initial hip-hop phase, she opened up, explaining that it just wasn't her anymore.

"It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my [expletive]’ — I am so not that," she said.

But some fans are convinced that her latest music video images are just that.

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Especially since she used a Cardi B lyric to caption one of the photos: "Came thru drippin' (drip drip)"

This person compared Miley Cyrus to the famous Amy Winehouse album, "Back To Black".

Insinuating that Miley is returning to her hip-hop phase — or rather, returning to taking advantage of black culture.

This person is accusing Miley of only preying on black culture because it is convenient for her career.

Suggesting that Miley appropriates black culture, and then profits off of it.

This person pointed out that Miley claimed to have left hip-hop music behind because of its materialistic aspects, and yet here she is rocking several gold chains in an in-ground pool.

They also explained that Miley "being white" wasn't doing enough for her career, so now she is "vulturing".

This person is accusing Miley, saying she is about to "Columbus Black culture again".

Meaning that she is taking credit for something she ancestrally has no right to.

This person doesn't care so much about whether or not Miley is stealing Black culture, but is more taken back by how much money she's wearing.

All of that jewelry is definitely equivalent to multiple student loans.

For all the people who accused Miley of appropriate Black culture, there were also just as many Miley supporters who defended her.

This person doesn't see how Black culture owns the rights to wear jewelry.

This person responded to Miley's photo, urging her to keep doing her thing, and forget about the haters.

They also pointed out that Miley doesn't take these comments to heart, or victimize herself over them.

This person pointed out that many artists (of all races) have used "blackness and whiteness" to their advantage.

They added that we should "stop letting cultural appropriation" ruin our lives.

This person tweeted that they believe what Miley did was completely innocent, and that everyone who is offended by it is just being too sensitive.

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They pointed out that attacking Miley for wearing jewelry in a pool is an overreaction.

So, the question is, is Miley appropriating black culture or celebrating it?

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If a white artist raps, is it cultural appropriation? Or should Miley be able to express herself however she chooses, within reason?