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After A 56-Year Marriage, Couple Dies Hours Apart While Holding Hands

I mostly think that the idea of soulmates is overrated or at least unrealistic.

Too many people waste their lives looking for "the one" when often that search for perfection blinds them to the love that may be right in front of them.

But every now and then a story arises that makes me want to believe.

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Judy and Will Webb of Melvindale, Michigan were clearly meant to be together.

They met at 14 and were only friends at first, but when Will was in the military they began to exchange letters and fell in love.

Will was a printer and Judy worked in office support.

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Together they had three daughters, who went on to add five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren to the family.

According to their daughter, they were never apart in all the years she'd known them.

That closeness continued for 56 years.

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After a medical procedure, Judy's health took a turn for the worse and soon after, Will's did too. His decline had no obvious source.

At first, they were in separate hospitals, but when Will was moved to hospice care, Judy insisted on being with him.

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Their beds were pushed together and they held hands constantly. When Will passed away in the early morning hours, Judy followed him only a few hours later.

Their daughter said that though Judy wasn't talking after he passed, they could see her rubbing his hand with hers.

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It was as though she was letting him know she'd be with him again soon.

If that's not an example of soulmates, I don't know what is.

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