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9+ Feel-Good Stories That Warmed The Internet's Heart

It feels like the last few years have been kicking us all in the pants. We keep hoping the next one will be better, but we're a few months deep into 2019 and things still suck.

It can be so overwhelming to keep up with the disasters and tragedies and political upheaval happening daily, which is why I like to find small, feel-good stories to help me retain my faith in humanity.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking all on its own.

But if you need to cancel things like pet insurance or food subscriptions, it can be such an emotional task.

Getting a condolence card from them afterward is such a sweet gesture.

This stylist went above and beyond.

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Chemo is so hard to go through and this student was just looking for a local stylist to help her look nice for her graduation for a reasonable price.

Instead, someone saw her question online, booked a flight to go to her and then did her hair for free.

Sometimes a little thing is enough to brighten a cruddy day.

Reddit | doctordonnasupertemp

When you're sick and stuck in a dreary waiting room, a stranger's small act of kindness can make a huge difference.

Some bus drivers go above and beyond.

Reddit | cmd

This photo was shared to acknowledge how the driver took the time to correct his mistake after giving someone the wrong directions. He returned to the stop to give the right info.

An Irish bar had a good idea to help fight drunk driving.

Reddit | InternetWeakGuy

People are less willing to leave their cars overnight if they're going to get a ticket, but this bar will give a food voucher to anyone who stayed safe and got a ticket for it.

He's a keeper!

Reddit | Chiss5618

How many boyfriends would offer to double date with their SO's grandparents? I bet it meant the world to them to be included too.

Donating blood is a great thing, and this guy took it to an incredible level.

Reddit | saltymcgee777

The text is unclear about what kind of blood he donated. You can't donate blood every week, but you can donate plasma twice a week and platelets every two weeks. So it's likely a mix of donation types.

Now this is a good friend.


One of the hardest parts of finally going to a gym and getting healthy is the feeling that people are staring and judging you. This is a great way to make the whole thing fun instead of stressful.

The events in Christchurch, New Zealand are awful, but I love seeing stories of the community coming together in the aftermath.

Reddit | jcepiano

While guarding the funerals, this female guard chose to wear a hijab out of respect for the families.

It's a great example of respecting the traditions of another group in a simple way.

Speaking of the community rallying after Christchurch, local businesses got involved too.

Reddit | Yousurf5

Kea Coffee parked themselves at the crisis center and handed out hundreds of free cups of coffee to those who needed a pick-me-up.

We do a lot of sweet things for our pets, don't we?

Reddit | DMLorance

This little pupper's favorite place is her human's lap, so they stuffed and old pair of jeans to make a little place for her to feel safe and comfy while they're at work.

For kids, losing a favorite toy is a catastrophe.

Parents end up retracing their steps in hopes of finding it, and in the case of this unicorn, it was misplaced during a brewery tour.

Since they didn't have the contact info for the family, the brewery took to Twitter, sharing highlights of the unicorn's day. It worked, and the family was found!

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