'Forrest Gump' Almost Had A Sequel And The Story Line Sounds Bizarre

There are some (okay, a lot) of movies out there that should never have been given a sequel.

Yes, I'm looking at you, Grease 2.

Apparently, Forrest Gump came really close to getting a sequel, and the details of it are actually really bizarre.

We all know and love "Forrest Gump", right?


It was definitely one of Tom Hanks' many crowning achievements as an actor.

It single-handedly makes up for The Polar Express, I'll say that much.

It taught us many life lessons.

Mostly ones that have to do with boxes of chocolate, and shrimp boats, but that's okay.

Little did we know that this iconic movie came very close to getting a sequel.

Fan Theories

Screenwriter Eric Roth had actually written a treatment for what would have happened with Forrest after finding out he was a father, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Recently, Roth dove into what exactly would have happened with Forrest.


“I had him [Forrest] in the back of O.J.’s Bronco,” he explained. “He would look up occasionally, they didn’t see him in the rearview mirror, then he’d pop down.”

That scene alone definiely wouldn't have aged well, that's for sure.

There were also plans for Forrest to become a really good ballroom dancer.


“He could do the ballroom dancing and eventually, just as a charity kind of thing, he danced with Princess Diana. So those kind of things we had," he added.

He also explained that Forrest would have found his calling as a BINGO caller on a reservation, where he'd befriend a Native American woman who eventaully dies after the building she works in, blows up.

In an even darker twist, there was a plan for Forrest's son, Forrest Gump Jr., to have AIDS.

CBS News

"The sequel would’ve begun with his little boy having AIDS and people wouldn’t go to class with him in Florida. We actually had a funny sequence where they were bussing in Florida at the same time so that people were angry about either the bussing or the kids having to go to school with the kid who had AIDS. So it was a big conflict," he went on.

After the events of 9/11, the idea for a sequel was thrown out.

Female First

"When 9/11 occurred, I think we felt maybe everything we had written was meaningful and everything felt meaningless," he explained.

And so "Forrest Gump 2" never hit the big screen.


And honestly, we're grateful for that.

Would you have watched?