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Cancer Survivor Marcia Cross Had An Iconic Response To Sarah Silverman’s 'Butthole' T-Shirt

If you had me guess which celebrity interaction would be the most random this week, Sarah Silverman and Marcia Cross wouldn't have even landed in my top ten.

Yet, here we are, so let's do this.

Sarah Silverman and Marcia Cross come from two completely different worlds.

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Sarah is known for her comedy, and can often be pretty crass when the mood strikes.

Or, perhaps you know her from the American classic and cinematic masterpiece, "School Of Rock."

Lol, remember how annoying she was? Iconic.

Marcia Cross is best known for her role as Bree Van de Kamp on "Desperate Housewives".


Bree was very much a type A, highly strung character.

So naturally, we tend to imagine that Marcia Cross is the same way, and would NEVER talk about buttholes.

But we thought wrong. So, so wrong.

Sarah took a subtle departure from her usual posts about comedy and politics to share a very important t-shirt.

While she's usually just sharing pics of her stance on things, or ~famous friend selfies ~ this time she had her comments section poppin' off with more than political debates.

She posted a photo of a t-shirt that read, "Ask me about my butthole".

Which obviously, falls perfectly in line with Sarah's sense of humor.

She garnered some pretty funny responses at first.

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Of course Chelsea Handler was right there with a reply, how very on brand of her.

But the best response of all was from the one and only, Marcia Cross herself.

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She wrote that it's an "extraordinary part of the body" and that she "loved" hers.

Her comment is pretty amazing, when you consider that she opened up about her battle with cancer last year.

She revealed to her followers that she had anal cancer, and was blown away by the support she had received from her fans.

She also shared a picture of her hair loss.

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She explained that it had fallen out, and was only about an inch long.

She also encouraged anyone else who was dealing with hair loss to talk to her about it.

According to Marcia, she is now cancer-free, which is great to hear.

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We love how open she's been about what could be considered a sensitive topic. We need more people like Marcia in this world!