Unsplash | Josefa nDiaz

12+ Times Smart Designs Made Life Better

Sometimes there are really smart designs that not only look cool but serve a real purpose. We should all be thankful there are clever people who devote their lives to come up with such useful and helpful ideas.

So let's take a look at some of them and marvel in their sheer brilliance.

1. Rain-proof

Reddit | pietro5000pp

I might be slightly biased because I'm Polish, but this unique umbrella bus stop design seen in Poland is just the coolest thing I've ever seen.

2. Keyboard Shortcut

Reddit | Beltrizi

This is perfect for those who never remember their keyboard shortcuts, like me ( LOL!). I find having them printed on the actual keys is so helpful.

3. Oil And Vinegar

Reddit | Jumpingonair

We all know how well oil and vinegar go together, right? This bottle design is not just functional but also so pretty. I have this!

4. Music Lover

Reddit | Piano1987

Have a musician in your family? This would be a perfect gift for them. I have to get this for my fiancé who's a wicked guitar player.

5. Coffee Lover

Reddit | colski08

When function meets clever design. How awesome is this bike rack resembling a coffee mug found outside an actual coffee shop? This is just super cool.

6. Cat's Meow

Reddit | DoktorMerlin

Not just a regular can of cat food. The cat's ears are the pull tabs used to pull on to open up this cute can of food.

7. Clever Decor

Reddit | u/poblanoglow

This restaurant could have used just about any light fixtures. But they cleverly ended up with giant whisks instead. Useful and definitely makes a statement.

8. Coffee Break

Reddit | mister86japan

This clever menu board at a coffee shop tells you exactly what is in your coffee. All cafes need this sign!

9. Accessible Peephole

Reddit | rifraffa1988

Accessibility can be a huge issue for a lot of people. So it's amazing to see that this hotel door comes with a separate wheelchair-accessible peephole.

10. Cell Phone Tower

Reddit | SpinalPrizon

Sometimes useful things can be such an eyesore. So the fact that this cell phone tower looks like a tree and can blend in is awesome.

11. Safety Banana

Reddit | qualityseabunny

Even when it comes to safety you don't always have to rely on just a boring design. How fun are these banana-shaped slippery floor safety signs?

12. Fry Holder

Reddit | FooFighter

This restaurant's tables have a hole in them that will hold your cone of fries. This is genius... and delicious!

13. Ripe Meter

Reddit | q0__0p

The sticker on this avocado tells you exactly when your avocado is ready to eat. Holy guacamole! What a great idea!

I'm such a sucker for an awesome and useful designs.

There's nothing I love more than seeing smart ideas put to great everyday use. If only I invented these!