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Matt LeBlanc Revealed Why David Schwimmer Didn't Like The Monkey On 'Friends'

There's two things everyone says you shouldn't work with in Hollywood: babies, and animals.

Good thing Friends had both, huh?

During the first season, Friends introduced Marcel, a Capuchin monkey adopted by Ross. And while Ross and Marcel had a great relationship, David Schwimmer felt a little differently about his furry on-screen co-star.

Meet Marcel

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Marcel made his debut early on in Friends.

Ross brought him along as his date to Monica's New Years Eve party, because...that's what normal, sane people do, right?

On the other hand, it was Ross. Normal and sane were up for debate with that dinosaur nerd.

Marcel was pretty adventurous


One incredibly memorable episode involving Marcel centered around Rachel volunteering to babysit him. Spoiler alert: she bombed at it.

While she wasn't looking, Marcel slipped away. It took the entire squad to get him back.

Get you a group of friends who will help you find your missing monkey.

Marcel had a short, but lasting role on the show

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As Friends fans know, Marcel was eventually given to the San Diego Zoo.

As they also know, this only happened because Marcel wouldn't stop humping random objects...and people. Such is life with a frickin' monkey.

From zoos to movie sets

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Marcel didn't stay at the zoo for long, though. He was stolen from the zoo and somehow wound up in show business.

Ross eventually found him on the set of a movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme—but that's another story.

Who knew monkeys liked The Lion King?

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He, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe spent much of "The One With the Superbowl" running around the fake film set of Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan.

At one point, they even serenaded Marcel with a rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

Ross got to say a proper goodbye to Marcel

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He parted ways with his monkey friend once and for all in "The One With the Superbowl."

I guess he didn't miss Marcel too much, because he legit said in season 6 that it was stupid for him to have ever had a monkey.

Your words, Ross.

Flash forward to 2019

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While promoting his show, Man With a Plan, former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

One of the questions he was asked?

Why, about Marcel the Monkey, of course. Why else would we be here?

Matt LeBlanc spills the monkey tea

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As it turns out, Matt had a lot to say about Katie, the monkey who played Marcel.

According to Matt, he quite enjoyed working with her. "I liked the monkey! I like animals, and the monkey was really cool," he said.

Who wouldn't want to hang out with a monkey?

Life imitates art

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Well, it turns out that David Schwimmer wasn't a big fan of Katie, which is just so rude.

She's a monkey, dude.

Anyway, his reason? Well, Katie once pulled a total Marcel.

Monkey is as monkey does

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Much like when Marcel dipped on Rachel, Katie decided she was done being a TV star for a day.

Matt explained: "You know, sound stages are huge. The lights are hanging from the grid, and they go way up on these chains and the ceiling's like, 60 feet or whatever it is."

I guess cables look climbable enough

Smack dab in the middle of a scene with Schwimmer, Katie leaped onto one of the cables and scrambled her little claws upward.

She disappeared for a full half-hour, with the entire production on hold while they tried to get her down.

At least the actors got a break

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While everyone tried to locate Katie, the Friends cast decided to peace out while they could.

"So, all the actors were like, 'OK, I guess we're on a five. I'll see you later. I'll be in my room."

Katie eventually made her way down

30 minutes after bouncing from set, Katie's handlers managed to lure her down from the rafters with...mealworms.

Look, Katie, whatever floats your boat. I personally would have gone for a simple banana, but you do you, girl.

Moral of the story?

Maybe monkeys don't belong on film sets.

Unless it's that one monkey from Night at the Museum. That monkey is a real star and a consummate professional. I mean, I assume.

Matt tells the story hilariously, so go ahead and check out the whole thing for yourself!

What would you have done if the monkey had disappeared on you? I personally would have taken a nap, but that's just me.