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'The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000': Courteney Cox Visits The 'Friends' Apartment

Ever since Courteney Cox joined Instagram just a few months ago, our lives have never been the same.

She's very self-aware of the fact that most people know her as Monica Geller, and she's fully embraced it.

Courteney Cox took her sweet time joining Instagram, but she finally made the leap back in January.

Her first post was revisiting the Friends set with Ellen DeGeneres and Lisa Kudrow. Iconic.

On Jennifer Aniston's birthday, she shared a sweet message to her longtime friend.

And of course, fans lost their damn minds knowing that these two have stayed friends after all these years.

Courteney's "Friends" throwbacks continued over the last few weeks.

She shared a sweet throwback of her daughter, Coco, falling asleep while watching the show.

Can anyone name that episode?

She also posted a video of her boyfriend and his friends moving a table.

All while she filmed, and shouted "pivot!" at them over and over again, which I'm sure was very helpful at the time.

Anyway, her throwbacks are getting better and better, and her latest one is probably our favorite so far.

She returned to the street where the exterior apartment shot was filmed, and even featured that iconic sound bite we all know and love.

Most of us know that the apartment exterior can be found in New York.

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While all the inside shots were filmed on a stage, and not actually at that same apartment.

We love that she mentioned how much her rent would be these days.

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Because we all know that people had a hard time believing her rent was ever affordable, especially in the earlier seasons when she was just getting her career started.

Thanks, rent control.

If you're ever looking for a good "Friends" throwback, make sure you're following Courteney.

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I promise, she's not going to disappoint.