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Gay Student Receives Heartwarming Message From Professor After Family Rejects Him

Many of us had the fortune of growing up with the knowledge that no matter what happened, our families had our backs. Although it's still definitely possible to feel anxious about those times when we seriously messed up, that knowledge could keep us going.

We understood that no matter what happened, we would face it together.

Unfortunately, this isn't true for everybody. And it becomes especially sad when it becomes clear that the only reason somebody loses a love that's supposed to be unconditional is that they've discovered what it means to be themselves.

But as disappointing as it can be to hear about situations like this, it's also important to remember they don't mean that person has to be alone.

A college student named Flynn recently posted on Reddit about a message he received from his professor.

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For some background, he said he had come out to his family a few years ago. For LBGT youths, this can often be a harrowing prospect.

In Flynn's case, his family's intensely religious beliefs gave him all the more reason to feel anxious.

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Unfortunately, any fears he may have had would turn out to be well-founded, as he hasn't been allowed home ever since he broke the news.

This kind of rejection can feel all the more apparent during the holidays, which made his professor's message all the more special.

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Professor Jones had apparently asked around and felt compelled to open their home and give Flynn the kind of welcome he should've had all along.

Not only was Flynn touched by this, but he let Reddit know that he was "100% going."

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Commenters felt their hearts melt once they saw this message, but many were also sad to hear about the circumstances that led up to it.

And so, a pleasantly surprising number of them volunteered to fill in for his family members.

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One offered to be a stand-in mom if Flynn ever needed one, while another felt they could better fit the role of a "supportive older sister."

Others made him aware of a few other places where he could find that kind of support.

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One is a Facebook group called Stand-In Families International and as their page description said, its purpose is to "connect people across the globe to function as stand-in family members for weddings, holidays, and other special occasions."

This being Reddit, where there's a subreddit for everything, another commenter let Flynn know about another helpful place.

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It's called r/MomForAMinute and it's a place where people who can't turn to their families for various reasons can find a little support when they hit a particularly challenging time.

Flynn said that all this support made him tear up and he reported feeling even more optimistic about the days to come.

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And since his professor's message alone already helped him feel enthusiastic about the new year, it's safe to say that this outpouring of support made more than his day.

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