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8+ Insane Photos To Leave You Cruising For Confusion

Unfortunately, some things we'll encounter in life don't come with an explanation. After all, some weird sights don't have anyone around to fill in the details and others were created by someone who wants to create an air of mystery.

But no matter how they happened, we have to accept that they did. Fortunately, something weird enough to give us pause is also something that's likely to entertain whoever we tell about it.

And that's likely why someone decided to take pictures and share these strange scenes with us.

Ah yes, nothing says "you're special" quite like giving someone a ring made from a human tooth.

Reddit | stecklese

Unfortunately, nothing says "I'm scared" quite like anyone who receives one of these things, so this might not be the way to pop the question.

All I can say is that this prosthetic leg was found outside of a Walgreen's.

Reddit | grahmcrks

As for how it got there or whether it's the result of an unfortunate mistake or some daring guerrilla artist, your imagination will have to fill those details in.

It does seem a little difficult to misplace, right?

I'm not sure how effective of an advertisement this guy is, but at least he seems friendly.

Reddit | jashman1987

I like how despite the fact that he has as much hair as Homer Simpson, they still found a way to give him Christopher Reeve's signature cowlick.

Anyway, if you absolutely must see this in person, it's apparently in Ensenada, Mexico.

This is certainly not the most welcoming piece of home décor in the world.

Reddit | nevermindqueen

This is supposed to be Chia Pet based on Estelle Getty's character in The Golden Girls, but it somehow ended up looking like one of the aliens from Mars Attacks!

If nothing else, this should at least give us a sense of how powerful, not to mention loud, a truck is.

Reddit | brokendollparts

Most of us know not to mess with one when we're driving, but the fact that it's possible for the driver to neither feel the resistance of a stowaway hydrant nor hear the horrible scraping sounds it's likely making is a little worrying.

It's a wonder that this mobile shrine to Minnie Mouse hasn't been pulled over yet.

Reddit | Evan_dood

Not only is it hard to watch the road with a bunch of mouse ears in your windshield, but those dolls don't look that securely fastened.

Looks like somebody's about to get a surprise gift in the worst way possible.

Even though I don't believe in tree demons and think this is anything but a coincidence, I'd still probably keep looking back to make sure it isn't moving.

Reddit | smunozmo

Somehow, I get the feeling that if this hulking tree monster had a personality, it wouldn't be quite as kind or as gentle as Groot.

Normally, this would only be moderately messed up except that somebody apparently got this out of an ATM.

Reddit | ZombieBisque

So, we're left to conclude that either the bills in those machines aren't as new as we think or it was somebody's last day at the bank.

This guy either has his priorities right, or completely confused.

Reddit | Dinkytown35

Who are we to say which? He's clearly an animal lover with snow white-esque skills to boot. Rocket the raccoon looks pretty content, too.

Look closely... Look very closely...

Reddit | kennystetson

Off to the right side, do you see him? A patron hanging from mid-ceiling? Yeah, we see him too. Hope he's okay!

Close call.

Reddit | plainprogram

We have questions! Like, where is the car that this surfboard was attached to? This could've serious injured the driver.

Hmm, the subway always has so many nice surprises for commuters.

Reddit | jhs11002

I guess everyone has to get to where they're goin', even the headless ones! Hopefully someone lets them know when their stop is, since they can't read or hear...

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Reddit | Hot_unicornfarts

I'd be lying if I said I've never taken food into my own bathroom — putting my glass on the counter or something like that. But bringing bare food into a public restroom is like, the nastiest thing. Putting it on the ground is even worse!

This was uploaded with the caption, "It still hurts," which has the dual function of making it less clear what happened here and more unnerving.

Reddit | cdennis11b

Anyway, as far as we can tell, this is just a particularly big goose egg rather than evidence of a new, parasitic alien life form.

That's a little reassuring, right?

What happened prior to this sticker going on, that warranted that sticker being put on?!

Reddit | XeneVyvyan

In what world is someone taking a fresh sip directly from the poop depositing bowl?

This is a perfect example of a poooooor user experience.


This will probably only cause more confusion than actual correct parking.

If this is a familiar sight for you, then I can only extend my deepest sympathies.

Reddit | thosewhocannot

I also can't get over that jagged hailstone. It's like getting hit by a tennis ball made of solid ice wasn't painful enough, so one of them had to be jagged like it's nature's barbed wire.