Amazon Is Selling Swim Trunks For Dogs So They Better Get Their Summer Bods Ready

We love our pets. We love them...a lot. And why shouldn't we?

They are important members of the family, and if that means that sometimes the line between "animal" and "human" gets blurred, then so be it!

You've heard of people dressing up their pets— in shoes, scarves and cute wee jackets. But, have you ever considered putting your pup in swimming trunks?

Yes. You read that correctly: swimming trunks for dogs.


Before now, I bet you never really considered the fact that man's best friend has had to brave the beach totally naked.

One company is here to change that.


A company called KOVE has developed a swim trunk design for your dog.

And the best part?

They are made from recycled materials, and are "saving the ocean one suit at a time."

It even comes in blue! Look at this Good Boy right here.


You can see from the sleek design that the shorts are quite breathable with their stretchy and quick-dry features.

Let's get a closer look at the design.


You can see the waistband is easily adjustable to get just the right fit for your pooch.

But the fun doesn't stop here...

Like father, like son.


Don't let your dog have all the fun.

KOVE made sure that they made matching swim trunks for Daddy and Son, so now it's impossible to fail at being cool.

We're not sure what else to say about these shorts, but boy, you both are going to look GOOD.

What do you think?

Would you buy these? Absolutely nobody would blame you if you did.

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