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Chrissy Teigen Perfectly Responds To Troll Who Told Her To Post Bikini Pics

Oh, Chrissy Teigan has said something absolutely hilarious, and once again proved herself to be the queen of the internet? We're really not surprised, tbh.

As the current overlord of the world wide web, Chrissy has never failed to make us snicker in the privacy of our crumb-littered beds, slowly scrolling through the 'gram.

Sometimes her tweets leave us feeling so out of touch with the lavish lives of celebs.

Like, what does this experience feel like?

Other times she's giving us fantastic crafting ideas.

Like, who doesn't what to see this photo? Pretty damn sure we all do.

And honestly, most of the time she just says stuff that makes us say "truuuuuue!"

It's really not that hard for Pokémon to not age shame people — get it together! Ash would never approve.

But this time, Chrissy had us cackling over a response she had to a bit of a snippy instagram comment.

And we can't stop laughing at this self-deprecating queen of insta.

Chrissy shared a special moment of her little girl Luna finally getting a "big girl bed."

In the first video, Luna seems interested, but as she goes to climb up for the first time, she notices a very serious problem.

There are not nearly enough toys on that bed.

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"Why you take these out?" she demands, fetching her toys from where her parents had put them away.

Yes, she needs all of them in that bed!

Luna is also very firm on what toys go where in the follow-up vid.

Once everything is being put to right, she adorably says "Thank you, mama," and everyone's heart grew three sizes!

Most fans love that she shares her personal life with them, because most fans are decent people.

Instagram | @chrissyteigen

They're totally interested in the "real life" behind the glam. Plus, the kids are adorable, so of course they want to see more!

But one dude in particular had some snarky stuff to say to this mother of two.

Instagram | @chrissyteigen

Apparently Chrissy shouldn't share anything about her life, just straight nudies for the dudies.

Well, she had the perfect comeback for that garbage comment.

Instagram | @chrissyteigen

She pointed out that either way, haters gonna hate! And unfortunately for everyone that poses a serious dilemma.

Literally had her entire comment section screaming their support, and laughing at the same time.

As for the bold statement from a stranger on the internet, well, he shoulda just kept it to himself. Boy bye!