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Sephora Drops Olivia Jade Brand Deal And Fans Are Wondering When The Sale Is

By this point, ya'll already know alllll about the scandal that has taken a host of D-list celebrities by storm for the past few days.

It was revealed that celeb parents such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman scammed the system and paid big bucks for their kids to get accepted into various universities.

It's extra tragic because Lori paid for her daughters Isabella and Olivia Jade to get accepted into the University of Southern California.

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Ya know, she didn't shell out the big bucks for Harvard or Brown.

In comparison to her sister, Olivia Jade is more of a public figure — even collaborating with Sephora's house brand the "Sephora Collection" for promotions and events.

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She even got to make her own highlighter palette with the brand!

The palette was super successful, but sadly it's future was up in the air once the scandal broke.

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After staying quiet for a few days, Sephora released this statement on Twitter:

This didn't stop people from leaving super savage reviews, lol.

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Now to be fair, these have nothing to do with the BLINDING pigmentation of these highlighters.

It is a gorgeous collection, though. Where's the sale at?

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Am I so trashy for saying that?


This loss is much more devastating than getting kicked out of school, IMO.

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Lot's of people were thankful Sephora made this decision, siding with the truth!

And it seems like Sephora has fully covered their tracks and erased any evidence the two ever worked together.


One quick search of "Olivia Jade" just gives you 156734 different jade rollers.

No highlighter to be found.

While it's still unclear if Olivia Jade knew anything about her parents scam, she's now also been dropped by TRESemmé hair care.