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Here's What Our Favorite Disney Princesses Would Look Like Without Any Makeup

It isn't always noticeable since they are cartoon characters, but Disney princesses are in fact, wearing makeup — their eyelashes aren't just naturally that bold.

They all must have been using some very powerful setting spray because their makeup did not move from their faces. Whether they were fighting in the Chinese army, living deep in the ocean, or living in the woods, their makeup stayed put.

So for curiosity's sake, let's take a peek at what our favorite Disney ladies look like au natural.

Here's what Pocahontas looks like with makeup.

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I would love to know what kind of all-natural, organic materials Pocahontas was using from the woods to create eyebrow filler, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.

And here's what Pocahontas looks like makeup-free.

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This looks way more believable to me, all things considered — and honestly, I think she looks better this way.

Sometimes less is more.

Here's Mulan all done up.

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In Mulan, she wore different amounts of makeup in different scenes.

While she was trying to become a bride, she was wearing a full face of makeup. But while she was disguising herself as a soldier, she wore no makeup at all.

This was the perfect balance!

And here she is fresh-faced.

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This is essentially what she looked like the whole time she was apart of the army, trying to defeat the Huns and bring honor to her family.

Just saying.

Here's Elsa from "Frozen" with makeup on.

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Elsa is by every definition, boujie as hell.

Not only is she wearing bright pink, sparkly eyeshadow, but she's also rocking an incredibly flawless looking braid with small, sparkly snowflakes in it, and a gown.

And here she is sans makeup.

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Weirdly, I think I like her better this way? This is a good look on her.

She still looks fancy, but just slightly less high maintenance.

Here's Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" as we know her.

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Unlike Elsa, Belle had a pretty natural look to begin with.

This was always a believable amount of makeup. Even for someone that spent most of her days locked up in a castle with a beast.

And here she is after taking a makeup wipe to her face.

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This is probably what she would have actually looked like.

I highly doubt she had access to makeup while she was being held captive.

Here's Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog" with makeup.

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Tiana is slaying in her purple eyeshadow. She doesn't even care that it doesn't match her bright yellow shirt or green hair tie.

She's livin' her best life.

And here is Tiana without makeup.

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She looks so much better without makeup. I am shook.

I demand they remake the entire movie with her looking like this instead.

Here's Jasmine from "Aladdin" with help of eyeliner and lipstick.

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Princess Jasmine's winged eyeliner is literally what I strive for every single time I put makeup on. She nailed the cat eye look.

It's so unfair.

And here she is, all natural.

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Although her winged eyeliner was crazily on point, the looks a lot cuter without it — and the paler lips suit her as well.

Here's Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," wearing what is most likely, waterproof mascara and lipstick.

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Ariel never wore a ton of eye makeup, but she made up for that by wearing bold, vermilion-colored lipstick.

Her makeup must have been very powerful to withstand the harsh elements of the sea!

And here's she is with the help of Micellar water.

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This is most definitely what she should look like. I mean, she lives in the ocean. There's no way her makeup would be able to stay on as perfectly as it did in the movie.

This is way more realistic.

And last but not least, here is Snow White with and without makeup.

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I can only imagine how hard makeup would be to come by — living in the woods, with seven adult men, being hunted by an evil queen that wants your heart delivered to her in a box.