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T-Pain Joked About Taylor Swift's Boobs Last Night and She Was Not Having It

When it comes to award shows, you can almost always count on an awkward moment or two happening. It wouldn't be live television without it, right?

During this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, there was one moment, in particular, that had a lot of people cringing hard.

In case you missed this year's iHeartRadio Music Awards, allow us to catch you up.

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Taylor Swift showed off her butterfly themed outfit (check out those heels!) and fans continued to speculate that she was dropping new music soon.

She spent the night sitting next to Alicia Keys and Maren Morris, a true girl power trio.

She also flirted with Alicia's son, which was extremelyyyyyy adorable.

She also spent the night pulling her signature dance and angry lip-sync with the performers move which she knows we just LIVE for, tbh.

YAS TAY, you tell 'em!

Now the show opened up with T-Pain cracking some jokes, as hosts typically do.

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He went for Taylor, and made a joke about how tall she was, and cracked a joke about head-butting her boobs, and it fell pretty flat.

And there's nothing worse than a joke about a women's chest falling flat...


Remember when The Oscars didn't have a host? Let's go back to that.

Taylor's facial expressions said it all.

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I mean, it wasn't long ago that she was involved in a sexual-assault trial, so the comment wasn't in the best of taste.

Fans agreed that the moment was seriously cringe.

He was almost on a roll.

Hey future presenters: you can still be funny without cracking jokes about a woman's body, I promise.

She managed to shake the awkward moment off, and ended up winning the Tour of the Year award.

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Her acceptance speech was iconic, as she shaded every media outlet who reported that her tour would be a flop, but instead went on to be the highest-selling tour of all time.

Thankfully, Taylor seemed to really enjoy the rest of the night.

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And with that smile, who wouldn't be so happy for her becoming the award show's most decorated recipient?

And as usual, fans continued to speculate on her new music coming out.

She assured everyone that the fans would be the "first to know," so let's hope that's sometime very soon!

And honestly, we're pretty sure that T-Pain meant no harm.

After all, they go way back. Does anyone else remember that iconic "Thug Story" collab?