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Cruise Line Is Offering Free Trips To America's Favorite Teachers

If there's one that we should understand about teachers nowadays it's that their jobs seem about as thankless as they've ever been.

Between salary issues, the requirement to buy their class's school supplies, and the likelihood that parents will treat them as the enemy if a kid slacks off, only those with an unbreakable passion for educating the youth can hope to weather the education system's storm.

It is likely for this reason that one cruise line has decided to give a lucky few the enjoy to enjoy a much-needed vacation.

In preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week in May, Norwegian Cruise Line is holding a special contest.

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As Travel and Leisure reported, from now until April 12, they're seeking out nominations for teachers who have a particular knack for "spreading the joy of learning."

One of the prizes at stake is a free trip on the line's newest ship, the Norwegian Joy.

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As Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement, this campaign is also meant to introduce the Norwegian Joy's North American debut.

And so, students throughout the U.S. and Canada can nominate their favorite teacher for this opportunity.

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After all, no matter how hard it was to enjoy school as a whole, most of us can point to at least one teacher who made the experience a little more bearable.

Nominations can be made here.

Interestingly, teachers can also nominate themselves for a shot at the cruise.

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Sometimes, nobody can set us on the path to living our best lives but ourselves.

However, the real challenge begins once that nomination has been submitted.

After April 12th, 15 finalists will be chosen based on who can achieve the most votes.

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According to Travel & Leisure, students are recommended to both vote for their teachers in the same place they made their nominations and to share their nomination through social media to inspire support from others.

All 15 of these finalists will be awarded with the free cruise.

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More specifically, they'll get a seven-day cruise for two that includes airfare and accommodations. The trip will also involve an awards ceremony where the biggest winner is chosen.

This big champion will end up winning $15,000 that will go towards the school they represent.

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It's unclear whether this money will go to the teacher with the most votes or whether there's another challenge at the awards ceremony, but that's the grand prize.

Once again, here is the nomination page.

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