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Amy Schumer's New Naked Pregnancy Photos Are Causing A Stir Online

When it comes to Amy Schumer posting photos that some might be considered TMI, are we even surprised?

It's very much on brand for her, and we're living for it.

It's no secret that Amy Schumer is pregnant.

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Throughout the last 5+ months, she's shared the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy, and it's very real.

Her pregnancy is even the theme of her newest stand-up special, "Growing."

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I'm sure her new Netflix special will be hilariously real, and touch on her struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum.

For those who don't know, it's a pregnancy complication that is characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss and so on.

And naturally, Amy has shared the unflattering aspects with us.

Now Amy is not known for being an Instagram model, nor has she ever claimed to be one.

Weird that I say the same thing about myself but okaaaay.

Her posts have been very, VERY real — and people often applaud her for her candidness.

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Pregnancies in Hollywood are so glamorized and unrealistic — it's nice to see Amy be so vulnerable.

Her latest post included photos that are featured in a recent NY Times article.

Never before have we seen a pregnant woman, running through the park, chasing ducks.

But hey — I guess we can't say that anymore!

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We're loving how raw and real these pics are!

There were a fair amount of people who were not here for Amy's free-spirited photos.

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Even though she was causing literally no harm to anyone.

On the bright side, there were even more positive comments.

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People loved the idea of the photoshoot.

Actress and eternal bombshell Julianne Moore even joked that she bought this issue of the NY Times "for the articles."

Not for Amy's nekkid bod, obvs. Julianne just loves literature and supporting women!

Something tells me that Amy isn't going to let the haters stop her from living her best life.

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When have the haters ever stopped her from doing her thang?

And if our math is correct, it should be just a few more weeks until she welcomes her first child.

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How exciting!

And we're pretty sure that once the baby is born, the candidness is only going to continue.

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A candid MOMMY Amy Schumer? What a dream!

But for now, we will continue to enjoy Amy's hilarious pregnancy content.

Wishing you the best of luck, Amy!