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Jose Canseco’s Ex Responds To Accusations That A-Rod Is Cheating On J-Lo With Her

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to announce your engagement, only to have some random acquaintance start ferociously tweeting that your fiancé was cheating on you.

Only in Hollywood, let me tell you.

There's a lot going on here, so let's jump right in.

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As I'm sure you know by now, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez just announced their engagement.

They've been spending the last week in the Bahamas, truly living their best engaged lives.

It wasn't long before Jose Canseco took to twitter to squash the happy news.

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The former Major League Baseball outfielder went on a rant, claiming that Alex was cheating on Jen with his ex-wife, Jessica.

He went on and on about how Jennifer was so nice, and deserved to know the truth.

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He also said he's take a polygraph to prove that he wasn't lying.

Someone call Maury!

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Now, a lot of people called Jose's bluff right away.

He has a history of tweeting erratic things that make no sense, so his credibility is pretty meh at this point.

J-Lo and A-Rod maintained their silence, and continued to live their best, tropic life.

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Seriously, I want to be living this kind of life, abs included, please and thank you.

Anyway, Jose's ex-wife, Jessica, has taken to twitter (after a six year hiatus) to respond to the accusations.

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She completely denied them, saying that she's known Alex for many years, but hasn't seen him in a long time. She also shaded Jose for believing in aliens.

She seemed annoyed by the whole thing, and didn't even know that any of this was going on.

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To be fair, I'd be annoyed too. What a wild and dangerous rumor to spread.

So at the end of the day, it seems like A-Rod and J-Lo are still madly in love.

Jessica is minding her business, and Jose is off playing with his alien friends.