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This Woman Looks Exactly Like Rihanna But It's Not As Great As It Would Seem

The assumption is that if you're a Riri look-a-like, you're living the dream.

I would love to wake up every morning looking like a damn superstar. But not all of us are that lucky.

But apparently, there are a few major downsides to looking like Rihanna.

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Riri's doppelgänger, Yna Sertalf, opened up about some of the struggles she faces resembling someone so iconic.

She revealed that it has seriously affected her love life.

The 23-year-old claimed finding Mr. Right has been a challenge.

"I’ve been single for about a year, but I would never put myself in a relationship with someone who sees me as Rihanna and not Yna" she said.

Yna fears that the people she dates may only be interested in her because she looks like Rihanna.

Her looks have consequently hindered her ability to find someone that is genuinely interested in her and not Rihanna.

"When I talk to someone and hear Rihanna too many times [when we’re hanging out], I give up [on them]" she said, adding:

"Because I can’t determine if the person fantasizes about Rihanna or if they really want to know me. That’s why I’m single."

Finding "the one" is hard enough as it is without having to worry that they may only be dating you because you look like someone else.

But nonetheless, I would have zero complaints if I looked anything like Riri!

"I have been mistaken for Rihanna quite a lot. This happens to me usually when I’m in tourist places." She said.

Even her own mother has mistaken photos of her for photos of Rihanna, and vice versa.

"My friends and family find it funny too," she said.

After her mother saw a photo of Rihanna on the cover of a magazine, she nearly thought it was her own daughter.

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"Once my mom received a magazine in her mailbox with Rihanna on the cover and she sent it to me, saying 'I thought it was you.'" She said.

She shared that she can often hear people whispering about her in public.

"The funniest thing is when people talk about you thinking they’re being discrete. I always smile at them to show them that I heard. It’s embarrassing." She said.

And kids will approach her on the street, convinced she is Rihanna, even if she tells them otherwise.

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"But when little kids scream at their parents, 'it’s Rihanna' it’s lovely. Sometimes even if we tell them I’m not her, they think we’re lying."

She explained that there are some key differences between herself and Rihanna.

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"I always tell the truth straight away. Because I am fatter than her and I speak French people notice that I’m not her quickly enough."

Yna shared that her uncle was the first person to notice the shocking resemblance between her and the songstress, just after she cut her hair into a blunt bob.

She subsequently started posing similarly to Rihanna, and began to gain a substantial following on Instagram.

Surely, it must be difficult to live in the shadow of someone so famous, but Yna seems to be developing a significant following of her own.

She put her looks to good use, and become an influencer on social media.

She has already gained 23,000 followers, just for looking like Rihanna.

Instagram | @ynasertalf

Since Rihanna has teased that she is finally going to be releasing a new album soon, Yna's fans will jokingly comment on her photos, asking her when she's dropping her next album.

Although Yna's love life has seemed to suffer because of the way she looks, she's still absolutely killing it!

Her social media following is on the rise, and maybe one day she will be known for something more than being a superstar look-a-like.

And let's face it, how hard can it really be to resemble one of the most beautiful women in the world?

If we're being honest here, there are people who have it much, much worse.