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Video Of Super 'Stealthy' Dog Trying To Sneak Fries Is Going Crazy Viral

It really doesn't take long to make an impression. Although worrying about this too much can only have the effect of making every first meeting uncomfortable, it is true that it's easier to form our first impressions than it is to change them.

So when they sync up nicely with who someone really is, that means we're blessed with a fast friend.

And when that someone is a dog who stole the internet's heart in one five-second video, that means everybody is his fast friend.

Ross and Anna Paget of Edinburgh Scotland happened to be out at a local pub called the Safari Lounge.

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They were there to enjoy some dinner, which included a very tempting bowl of fries. However, they weren't there alone.

Also in attendance was Rab, their three-year-old Labrador and Cocker Spaniel mix.

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Not only does Ross consider Rab "the best dog going," but he's also the reason the couple decided to film their food that evening.

That's because he would swoop in and try his hardest to be subtle as he stole their fries.

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Although he gets points for his speedy and silent technique, he didn't quite have as much cover in his covert operation as he thought.

Although he may not be as stealthy as he thinks he is, Rab is definitely doing something right.

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After all, the Twitter video of his sneaky raid has now been seen over 4.5 million times. And if that number sounds surprising, Ross would probably agree with you.

Ross obviously found this clip funny enough to post, but he's not sure how it became so popular.

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As The Irish News reported, he said, "We found it hilarious at the time, so filmed him in the act. We shared it with family and friends and it soon after went viral."

Although part of the answer is that we'll watch a cute dog do anything, it seems that people were also impressed by Rab's technique.

Rather than jam his face into the bowl and grab a bunch of fries like most dogs (and, let's face it, some humans), Rab carefully took the fries one at a time so it would be less noticeable.

However, while Ross may not understand the clip's popularity, it came at a good time.

As he shared on Twitter, he's raising money for Alzheimer's research by participating in the London Marathon. So this clip proved a good opportunity to get some exposure for his cause.

There also doesn't seem to be any danger of Rab letting his newfound fame go to his head.

As Ross said, "He is such a character and he shows that in the clip. He is totally oblivious to how popular he is."

Others were inspired by Ross and Anna's video, and decided to share their own videos of sneaky bois.

Rab isn't the only one who wants to share dinner with their owner!

Rab's little mischievous munching has gotten him so much attention, he even has his own Instagram page.

Instagram | @rabthelabx

It's already garnered 800+ followers in less than a week. Obviously his sneaky ways have made him an internet sensation. You can follow him here.

h/t: The Irish News