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Cute Guy Who Helped Lost Dog Is Now The Internet's Favorite Bachelor

Losing your pet is a fear every fur parent has. You do your best to plan for and prevent it, by making sure your yard is secure, that their collar is on and the tags are up to date, and that the microchip is registered.

Still, accidents happen. Gates or doors get left open, and whether they are fido or feline, they're gone in a flash.

And as any dog owner knows, a sweet puppers running away from home is one of the most terrifying things that could happen.

You hope and pray that they'll find their way back to you, and stay away from busy streets.

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Besides sticking posters up around the neighborhood, social media has given us so many more ways to get the word out. Facebook groups, Twitter, and apps like NextDoor can spread photos and contact info far wider than ever before.

But you're still stuck hoping that that right person sees it.

The same is true if you're the person who finds a lost dog.

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If you're lucky, their tag contains more than just a name, but Jason Gasparik didn't have that luck when he needed to find the owner of a sweet lab named Roxy.

He picked her up on a Friday night.

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The 40-year-old had been driving when he saw a group of people trying to catch a frightened dog who was darting in and out of traffic.

After close to an hour, they caught her and Jason took on the responsibility of finding her owner.

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Don't we just love him already?

He took her to a nearby 24-hour vet, hoping that she was microchipped.

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She was, but it hadn't been registered. All her could get was the name of the breeder.

With that in hand, he planned to find a way to contact them, but for now he'd keep Roxy safe and comfortable.

At home, he posted photos of her on social media to help get the word out.

The next morning, he decided he needed to do more, so he found some cardboard and a Sharpie.

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With his homemade sign that said "Do you know this lost dog?" Jason stood for three hours on a street corner.

He got a lot of attention, including from photographer Eben Adrian, whose pic of Jason went viral.

That's what ultimately saved the day.

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A local woman had seen the viral photo, so when she saw an elderly man driving around, calling a dog's name out his window, she showed the photo to him.

It was Roxy's owner!

The woman got in contact with Jason online and they made plans to reunite the two.

Are you crying yet, because I SURE AM!

It was immediately clear that they'd found the right person.

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"As soon as Roxy saw him her ears perked up and she ran to him," Jason told PEOPLE, "and he had all the paperwork to show that he was the owner. And of course he had tons of pictures of her on his cellphone."

Jason's willingness to go above and beyond for Roxy made him very popular online.

Once people found out he was single, offers of dates began pouring in. Of course, some are jokes just appreciating his good deed, but others couldn't help but note how cute Jason is.

But he says he's only newly single and wants to take things slow in the romance department.

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"One lady offered to shelter us both!"