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Photo Shared By Jenna Jameson Proves Why You Can't Believe Everything On Instagram

We're told time and time again that what we see on social media isn't real life, and yet, we still subconsciously believe it is.

That's why even though you know that such-and-such influencer is picking the perfect backdrop and setting, we still feel like our life pales in comparison.

It's not just filters, though they play a big role.

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And with some of the newest phones, that's only going to get worse, since the cameras automatically "improve" every photograph as you take it.

You used to have to work to create "fauxtography", but now it happens automatically.

Still, even with an old-school point-and-shoot, some people are just really good at looking good.

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Jenna Jameson is no amateur when it comes to looking good for the cameras, but even she admits to making sure she works her angles when posing for Instagram.

Jenna's got hundreds of thousands of followers, many inspired by her weight loss journey.

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For someone whose body was such an important part of her career, it's amazing to see how candid she is about her struggles, which began in earnest during IVF treatments.

The hormones in IVF medications can really change your body.

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While opinions are mixed as to whether they are actually causing weight gain or just a lot of bloating, either way, your clothes aren't going to fit right anymore.

Thankfully, the IVF worked and in 2017, she was blessed with a baby girl named Batel.

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Like any new mom, she was self-conscious about how the pregnancy had left her body and she set out to find the right weight loss plan for herself.

In the end, it was the Keto Diet that worked best for her body and lifestyle.

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In 9 months, she lost 80lbs and even admits that it's mostly the diet because she hates going to the gym. She shares tons of before and after photos.

But like everyone, she still wants to look good in the photos she posts.

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And she often reminds her followers of that fact.

Angles my girlfriends... know your angles! Trust in fact I don’t look like this walking around. This is all POSE!

She knows that her after weight loss pictures can be a blessing and a curse for some followers.

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After all, it's inspiring, but can also be disheartening if you feel like you're not achieving similar results.

Always remember this when perusing Instagram... most models just really know their angles.

If you haven't spent a ton of time posing for a camera, it can be hard to visualize what she means, though.

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Which is why it's so great that she posted a follow-up that demonstrated how even a small change can make a bit difference.

The only real difference between the two is the placement of her feet.

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See how I’m extending my front leg towards the mirror? That makes my legs look much longer.

Extending one leg also naturally gives a slight twist to your waist, increasing the slimming effect.

She's careful to stress that her weight loss is more about health than image.

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Truth. I thought I was still sexy af in my before pic. I was right. My weight loss was never about pleasing society. Yours shouldn’t be either.

You can be sexy and unhealthy, but she wants people to know it's not the only way.

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It’s about health, it’s about keeping up with our kids, it’s about longevity. So stay sexy out there, but strive for health!

She used the age challenge to highlight that very message.

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The left I was stressed and definitely not taking care of myself. Drinking and partying. The right is a sober and content mom. I’ll take 2019 Jenna over 2006 Jenna any day.

It's about finding the right weight and routine for yourself.

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It's about what makes you feel beautiful.

The before pic shows a tired new mom in absolute love. Sore but elated. Batel was only 2 weeks... and I am still in awe of the fact that my body made a perfect 8 lb baby. I honor that beautiful body.