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13+ Super Satisfying Trending Pics You May Have Missed

When you fire up the ol' internet box, the whole world is at your fingertips. But sometimes you don't care about the news, or your friends' updates, or celebrity gossip. Sometimes, you just want to sit back and feel satisfied.

My friend, we're here for you.

Van Whoa.

Reddit | etymologynerd

This costume, both front and back, is wild. Considering how detailed it is, I'm not sure I want to know what he did with his right ear.

Floating on the open sea...

Reddit | NewFound_Fury

It takes just a second or two to realize that this floating islands perspective is just a happy coincidence. Either way, take me there.


Reddit | Mass1m01973

Those straight lines and vivid colors don't look like they could come from nature, but they do. It's a sunstone from Australia, composed of minerals and silicate.


Reddit | iamgulshansingh

Either this pic happened entirely by happenstance or it took a super long time for both dogs to pull off the desired effect.

Why not seven?

Reddit | light_myfire

The idea of buying a bunch of bananas of varying ripeness is genius. But if they'd just included one more, you'd have a whole week's worth of bananas.


Reddit | DiceELITE

We've all seen sunlight do rainbowy stuff when it shines indoors, but this is different. The small gap creates a camera obscura effect, which reflects the colors from outside.


Reddit | smolgurl93

Honestly, the "after" pic on the bottom is so satisfying that it would be enough on its own. But the "before" pic shows just how much of an improvement it is.

Maple popsicles?

Reddit | wiggles0027

I have no idea if this is a maple tree, but whatever kind of tree it is, sap from within is leaking out and staining the ice.

Time marches on.

Reddit | Arco_Sonata

Monuments like gravestones are meant to last a long, long time. Nature, on the other hand, is too powerful to be stopped.

Their business is barns, and business is booming.

Reddit | RampChurch

How else could you explain the massive expansion this barn's clearly seen? You might not even notice the seam if you didn't take a second look.

That tree looks warm.

Reddit | sagadestiny

I don't know why anyone would crochet a tree and I don't think trees need to be crocheted in order to survive. Still, looks awesome.


Reddit | Fivepointfivesix223

You'd be bummed if you broke your favorite Star Trek glass. But finding it broken into the series insignia, well, that's clearly a sign.

This makes so much sense.

Reddit | barneyrubble82

This ATM has a privacy screen that allows the person directly in front of it to see just fine, but appears blurry for everyone else.

The perfect autumnal gradient.

Reddit | OrangePoppy24

Some trees barely put on a colorful display before dumping a million billion tons of leaves on your lawn. This one makes an effort.

A quilt you can get lost in.

Reddit | notyogrannysgrandkid

I don't know if you'd want to come home to this after a night of partying, but it's pretty awesome for any other situation.

The calm before the storm.

Reddit | Dlatrex

This doesn't just show a grocery store before opening. It shows a grocery store before it's opened for the very first time. Never again will it be this pristine.

Do you see it?

Reddit | mcspecies

Through one perspective, it looks totally normal. From another, the snow gecko looks so perfect it almost seems intentional.