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Ivanka Is Cry Laughing After Pops Calls Apple CEO 'Tim Apple' To His Face

One of the most embarrassing social gaffes one can make is mangling someone's name. We've all done it, and we've all cringed as a result. Rarely, though, does this happen on one of the biggest stages of all — and rarely is it so hilarious.

Let's introduce the main players here.

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He's not as identifiable as the late Steve Jobs, but Tim Cook has served as the big boss of Apple since Jobs passed way in 2011. Remember his name (Tim Cook), because it's kinda important here.

Here's the second player in this saga.

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You probably recognize this guy, President Donald Trump, who has a unique way of speaking. If you're thinking this story deals with Trump stumbling over Cook's name, you'd be right — but there's so much more to this awesome story.

Trump and Cook had a little meet and greet this week.

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This is pretty standard fare for heads of state and heads of big corporations. They meet, make nice, maybe talk about something of substance, then appear together for the press.

Trump spoke to the press about the meeting.

He gave Cook a shout-out, referring to him as "Tim Apple."


He clearly blanked and forgot his last name. He could have called him simply "Tim". He could have called him "Mr. Apple", even. But no. Tim Apple.

How did "Tim Apple" react?

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He just kind of...heard what Trump said and nodded. Trump's daughter, Ivanka, also maintained a poker face. It's like they're both resigned to their lot in life. But Ivanka factors into this story later.

Maybe it's a nickname?

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I mean, "Timmy Apples" sounds like someone who might be part of Tony Soprano's crew. But somehow I don't think this is the case. Needless to say, Trump continued his speech without correction.

It's been fun.

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In a time where all news feels grim, the Tim Apple saga stands out. People of all political stripes should be able to agree on one thing: that calling the Apple CEO "Tim Apple" is hilarious.

They're not wrong.

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I mean, before I started putting proper names in my address book like a real adult, just about everybody's name was a melange of their actual name with some identifying characteristic or nickname.

They missed a few...

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I mean, what about Howard Starbucks? Elon SpaceX Tesla? There's a whole country full of big name CEOs out there. Maybe we'd remember them more easily under this naming convention.

Some burns were more brutal.

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Reactions on Twitter ran the gamut from confusion to good-natured ribbing about the president misspeaking. Others just went for the jugular. Thing is, in a business sense, Trump is the head of the Trump organization, which makes him...Donald...Trump.

Here are the best Twitter reactions.

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If you watched the original video (or a gif or pic shown above), you probably noticed that Trump's daughter Ivanka witnessed the gaffe first hand. At least she has a sense of humor about it.

Apparently it was cry laugh worthy.

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I got a hearty chuckle out of it, but nowhere near a cry laugh onslaught. I don't know, maybe it's funnier when it's your dad that messes up.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Apple.

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Tim Cook looked a little stunned at the time, but he's since come around and embraced his new identity. His Twitter name used to be Tim Cook. Now, though? It's tweaked.

It's unforgettable.

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Maybe it's because it's relatable, maybe because having a chuckle at our leaders' expense will never go out of style. Either way, it was pretty awesome. Tell us what you think in the comments!