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Dog Caught Chasing Google Street View Car In Hilarious Photos

Although most of us might normally be inclined to just use Google Street View when we're trying to figure out what our destination looks like, we can catch some interesting sights on it if we know where to look.

It's hard to tell whether these hidden gems were uncovered by lucky travelers or just bored browsers, but the point is that their quirkiness has now been immortalized.

And if the area they're in is obscure enough, the photo results can suddenly become the most interesting thing about it.

That definitely seems to be the case for one dead end in Japan.

When this Google Street View driver pulled into a sleepy waterfront in Kumage, Japan, they likely expected to pull in and get out without incident.

Google Street View

Yet as SoraNews24 reported, that all changed when one curious little Shiba Inu noticed the car approaching.

As you can see, the dog wasn't the only one who noticed the car, but it was definitely the most interested in it.

Google Street View

As the car started to pass by, it seemed to find its mark and and prepared to speed after the unusual-looking vehicle.

Although the man in the photo had already lost interest by this point, the little dog was just getting started.

Google Street View

With each click of that big arrow came a new snapshot of the dog barreling after the car. And cute dog fans need not worry because this dead end goes on for longer than it appears.

In fact, there is no photo of this short road that doesn't have the little dog featured in some way.

Google Street View

And it stays just as enthusiastic for the whole chase as it was when it started. And the driver definitely seemed to notice their pursuer in the rear-view mirror.

After all, Google usually blurs the faces of anyone who appears on its Street View Cameras, including animals, but this dog was an exception.

Google Street View

And really, how could anyone resist sharing this adorably dopey expression with the world? It would be criminal.

The dog is in so many of these photos that some shots show it glitching into places where it's not supposed to be yet.

Google Street View

Which, yes, is a little unnerving on it's own, but there's something oddly reassuring about the knowledge that the cute little fella will end up in the next photo too.

Although it's easy to see how excited it is, some folks have found it a little hard to tell how it feels about the Google Street view car.

Google Street View

Is it frantically trying to make sure the car gets out of its space? Is it really eager to make a new friend? Who knows?

Of course, all good things must come to an end and the car eventually runs out of road.

Google Street View

And the little dog leaves us with yet another visual glitch where it looks like it's sinking into the pavement.

As if it didn't make enough of an imprression.

h/t: SoraNews24

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