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People Are Praising Gayle King For Her Composure During R. Kelly Interview

It takes a lot of guts for a woman to agree to an interview with an alleged sex offender, especially one known for emotional outbursts.

Sure, there are plenty of people behind the scenes ready to jump in if needed, but no one would have blamed CBS if they'd opted to play it safe and have a male journalist interview R. Kelly.

Instead, Gayle King stepped up to the plate and people are praising her for keeping her cool.


Throughout the interview, she pressed Kelly, asking the hard questions in a calm tone while he got increasingly agitated. At one point, he even stood and waved his arms.

King didn't even lean back in her chair to avoid the flailing arm.

Even though she knew he was being held back, it was probably still a shocking moment.

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In the most common photo of the outburst, the angle hides the third person, but you can clearly see a hand gripping Kelly's arm.

Still, King didn't even blink.

The closest thing to emotion she shows is a slightly fed up expression.

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It was the gold standard of interviewing. She asked straightforward, direct questions and let Kelly's responses speak for themselves.

She asks for answers to questions people really want to hear answers to.

When asked about it, King said she wasn't afraid for her safety.

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Still, her composure is amazing.

I mean, I know rationally that a bumblebee is unlikely to sting me if I leave it alone, but I still flinch when one flies near.

I haven't had a chance to watch more than a few clips to far, but I can't wait to see the whole thing.

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While I can't help but want to see Kelly dig his own grave in real time, I'm even more interested in watching the full power of King's incredible interviewing skills.