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Terry Crews Tweeted That Children With Same-Sex Parents Are ‘Severely Malnourished’

Terry Crews is finding himself in some hot water after a controversial tweet upset many fans.

He's since deleted what he wrote, but we all know that screenshots live forever.

Most of you know Terry Crews from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

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He's also in the Old Spice commercials, which were honestly so hilarious.

Overall, he's generally not one of those controversial celebs who is making headlines for everything they say, but here we are.

Thus far, Terry has actually been a positive change maker in Hollywood, and within the black community.

Last year, he publicly came out about the sexual assault he experienced at the hands of a Hollywood executive.

As a black man, and a stereotypical macho guy he often plays in films and television shows, this was a huge deal.

He gave a voice to those who have been silenced, and made it okay for men to speak on sexual assault.

However he’s taken some heat in the last few days that has put his moral compass into question — and almost seems contrary to the person he appears to be.

It all started when Terry took to Twitter to respond to a New York Times op-ed.

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The piece, written by a woman, was about how young African-American boys are being molded into successful men.

Terry complained that it was written by a woman. "How would she know?" he wrote.

Terry went on to explain that, much like other groups who have been oppressed, he appreciates the support, but does not need a mouthpiece.

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But things took a turn for the worse, and fans were not having his comments at all.

A lot of fans fired back, and accused Terry of being misogynistic.

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And to make matters worse, he responded to a follower who tried to tell him that you don't need a male and female's influence because love is not gendered.

Terry then responded with a comment that he'd later regret.

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It implied that children growing up with same-sex parents will be "severely malnourished".

As you can imagine, it caused an uproar from people raised by single parents, or same-sex parents.

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It's hard to see how the tweet could be misconstrued as anything else.

Terry then backpedaled, and deleted the tweet, while apologizing to anyone who was hurt by his words.

He admitted that it was poorly worded.

Still, Terry continued on a Twitter rant, recognizing that many people had "canceled" him.

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He stood by his inital point that there are "things" you can only get from your mother.

There were a lot of people who just wanted Terry to listen to how his words were being seen to others.

They felt that he was stuck in his "heteronormative" view.

At the end of the day, it seems like Terry isn't listening to the concerns that people are expressing.

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He tweeted again, this time comparing his heteronormative tweets to...exercising.

And as I'm sure you can guess, people weren't here for him not listening to their concerns.

Time will tell if he decides to take it back and apologize again. I guess we'll see!