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Sisters Found Alive After 44 Hours In Wilderness Thanks To Granola Wrappers

It's so easy for your mind to immediately think of the worst possible scenarios in crisis situations, especially when they involve kids. Those are the ones that make headlines the most often, right? And, sadly, they're memorable, too. Tragedies have a way of sticking in your mind.

Well, we're happy to say that this is one of those crises involving kids that actually turned out well.

California's Carrico family is thanking rescuers after being reunited following almost two days apart.

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And they can also thank themselves for getting 5-year-old Caroline and 8-year-old Leia some survival training — it really paid off.

Caroline and Leia went missing from their home the afternoon of Friday, March 1.

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The family notified the authorities by 6:00 that night. By Saturday morning, the Humboldt County sheriff's department had sent out an alert about the missing youngsters, saying that it was believed that the girls had wandered off into a wooded area.

A search crew quickly gathered to comb the area.

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The searchers included members of the U.S Coast Guard, canine units, and a Blackhawk helicopter, numbering 250 people from 14 agencies in all. And yet, despite all that, the search team wasn't able to locate them on Saturday, meaning the girls had to spend a second night out in the woods.

The next morning, however, proved fortunate.

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Searchers noticed some granola bar wrappers, which the girls' mother confirmed she had bought recently. "The wrappers showed us a direction from where they started to where the wrappers ended up at," Lt. Mike Fridley said at a press conference.

From there, the search team was able to follow some bootprints the girls had left behind.

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A local fire chief and a firefighter followed the bootprints and found the two girls huddled underneath a bush 44 hours after they disapperead. Fridley said that he had the honor of notifying the girls' mom to let her know they were safe. "She melted on the phone," he said.

Apart from being cold and dehydrated, the girls were fine.

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"We're all witnessing a miracle," said Sheriff William Honsal. "This is rugged territory, this is extreme environment. They definitely have a survival story to tell." He also said that he believes the girls' survival training, which they learned through 4-H, "played a part."

The girls later told their rescuers that they had been following a deer trail when they got turned around.

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They said that when they realized they were lost — about 1.4 miles from home — they decided to stay put and drink fresh water from Huckleberry leaves.

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