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This School Principal Is Using Social Media To Read Bedtime Stories To Students

We've all seen studies about how it's important to get kids invested in reading early, or how reading out loud with kids doesn't just aid literacy, but also behavior.

But for a variety of reasons, some parents just aren't able to read to their children every night.

It's not just that parents are lazy.

They may be working long hours to keep the lights on, helping multiple kids with homework, taking night classes themselves, or be just plain exhausted and let reading slide.

It's also possible that they aren't confident in their own reading skills.

One school principal decided to guarantee her students a bedtime story at least once a week.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

Belinda George is principal of Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas. Every Tuesday evening at 7:30, she puts on her PJs and reads a book on Facebook Live.

Kids and their families can tune in, but if they sign up ahead of time they get a shout out.

Before beginning the story, George performs a roll call, making sure she says each kid's name correctly.

Wednesday mornings are filled with kids excited about the story they heard the night before.

And the event is interactive.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

George will often ask questions during the reading and the students can choose to do an optional quiz the next day for extra credit.

Parents watch along with the kids, often typing their answers into the chat for them.

Though she's only been hosting the event for a few months, George is already seeing results.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

94% of the school's 680 students live in homes that are economically disadvantaged and the most recent literacy tests showed an average of only 55% reading at or above grade level.

It's not just her students watching either.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

Some of the live streams have received views close to double the school's population and she received plenty of comments from parents around the country.

The whole set-up takes only a few minutes to get started.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

She simply puts on her PJs, settles onto her couch, and opens up Facebook on her phone.

While some people complain about modern technology, I think this is a great example of its benefits.

For George, it's about building relationships, not expectations.

Facebook | Homer Drive Elementary

She told The Washington Post that she doesn't want them to feel like failures if they don't go to college.

If you’re a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger there is.

Anything I can do to build relationships. If a child feels loved they will try. There’s no science about it.

h/t: The Washington Post