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Jordyn Woods' Tell-All Interview Reveals "Grown Woman Mess" With Khloé And Tristan

The world just witnessed the most important interview that has ever taken place.

Oprah who? Ellen whomst? Barbra Walters what?

Jada Pinkett Smith just dropped her Red Table Talk with family friend Jordyn Woods to address Jordyn's scandal with the Kardashian/Jenner fam.

The Smiths and the Woods family's have been friends since before Jordyn was born.

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It seems like a random coincidence, but it actually makes sense.

Jordyn's father and Will Smith met on the set of "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air".

Moreover, Will has become like a father figure to Jordyn since the untimely passing of her father back in 2017.

Jordyn claims she found herself in a "grown women mess" after allegedly cheating with Tristan Thompson.

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"This is grown woman mess on another level" said Jordyn, " I didn't think I'd be coming to the table like this."

Jordyn claims she was out partying with friends during the night in question before the group headed over to an after-party at Tristan's house.

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"After the club, normal L.A culture when you're young you go to the bar, you go to the club, it ends early — we all go to a house after" she said.

She claimed she felt safe at Tristan's house, and stayed until the sun came up — partying and drinking with Tristan and their friends.

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She continued, "I'm not thinking 'I shouldn't be here' and that's my first step where I went wrong."

When it comes to the scandal in question, however, Jordyn says Tristan was the one who kissed her.

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"I tell everyone I'm leaving, I tell Tristan I'm leaving... this is where the story gets tricky."

"I allowed myself to be there, and I never was belligerently drunk.. but there was alcohol involved."

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"On the way out, he did kiss me" Jordyn reveals.

"There was no passion, no nothing., he just kissed me."

Jordyn claims she then went and told Kylie and Khloé she was partying with Tristan that night, but left out the fact they kissed.

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She now views that as the biggest mistake she made in regards to handling the aftermath of the kiss.

Jordyn also claims that she's apologized to Khloé, by texting and calling her.

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And she mentioned that she was hoping to get the chance to talk in person as well.

But Khloé claims that never happened, and sis is already popping off on Twitter against Jordyn claiming she's a liar.

Time will tell how the rest of the family will react, but we know for sure KoKo isn't having anyyyy of it.

Khloé did tweet that Tristan is equally to blame, but it's clear that her anger is directed at Jordyn.

Honestly, yikes.

Most people agree that Jordyn shouldn't be dragged as hard as she is.

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We're sure that this story is going to only further unfold as more episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs, and you can bet that we're tuning in.