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Sarah Hyland Shared That She Was Wearing Two Pairs Of Spanx And Fans Came For Her

Sarah Hyland, AKA Haley from Modern Family, has always been an open book when it has come to her struggles with her mental and physical health.

She has had not one, but two kidney transplants in the last six years alone, and she is only 28 -years-old.

Last December, Sarah spoke about her experience in depth with Self Magazine.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

She revealed that after her first transplant failed, she contemplated suicide.

She was very discouraged, and her morale was completely shot.

"It’s a really helpless feeling."

Instagram | @sarahhyland

"At that time I was very depressed, for a long time I was contemplating suicide. I had gone through 26 years of always being a burden, of always having to be looked after, having to be cared for, because I’ve always had health issues," she said.

Sarah attended last weekend's Oscars, looking gorgeous, as always.

She posted this photo on Instagram, along with the caption: "#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!"

Fans lost it — but she clapped back with a perfect explanation.

Before that, though, she was immediately accused of "toxic body shaming" without knowing the extent of what Sarah was actually going through.

One person commented that Sarah wearing Spanx is unhealthy.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

They also point out that Sarah looks like she's 90 pounds and has no reason to diet.

This person called Sarah "sickly skinny."

Instagram | @sarahhyland

They also point out that she has candidly spoken about not being able to gain weight in the past, which sends mixed signals to a lot of people, since now she is insinuating she wants to lose weight.

But WAIT! Someone *actually* thought about the situation logically for a second, and had something GOOD to say.

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It's completely okay for her to want to conceal that while she walks the red carpet.

"When they do a kidney transplant, they connect the new kidney to your old kidneys in front, which makes my lower abdomen pop out a little."

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"I call it my KUPA: kidney upper [expletive] area." she told Self.

Sarah was relieved that someone actually knew where she was coming from.

Twitter | @Sarah_Hyland

She made sure to reply to the tweet, and praise them for speaking up to the haters on her behalf.

In a since deleted tweet, Sarah clapped TF back at a hater talking serious shiz.

Twitter | @Sarah_Hyland

This is something people could never understand without feeling it themselves.

She then went on to give us a glimpse of how the steroids make her feel on a daily basis, and how dealing with it can feel like a perpetual struggle.

Twitter | @Sarah_Hyland

This tweet probably helped a lot of other people that are going through something similar, looking for ways to stay positive.

The positive responses came flooding in.

Twitter | @Sarah_Hyland

A refreshing switch from the negative comments she was previously receiving.

This is the kind of support we should always try to give people on social media, instead of jumping to conclusions and trying to make them feel bad about themselves.

Some are truly inspired by how Sarah has overcome these major hurdles in her life.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

Inspiring to say the least.

She has gone through something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, twice.

And while there will always be haters...

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At least we know they were ignorant to the truth about the whole thing.

If wearing two pairs of Spanx is what makes her feel confident about her body, which has been through a lot, then that's something people are just going to have to accept.

Not that it's anybody's business anyway.